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Topic: VOTA Utility Suggestions

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    VOTA Utility Suggestions

    Now that I\'ve been using the VOTA Utility for a while, I want to offer some suggestions to make an AMAZING tool even better. My apologies if these have already been suggested.

    1. Assign an out-of-the-way midi note (D0, C7, etc.) to load/reset the words. While working within the sequencer on my other pc, I\'m constantly reaching over to the utility to reload the words in order to start over at the beginning of a part. This way, I could even sequence a word-reset event in the song.

    2. Provide option to pass through unused midi channels (i.e. 13-16) to GigaStudio to play other instruments. That way, I don\'t have to close the utility and change midi settings every time I need to play another instrument (percussion, strings, etc.). Changing midi settings seems to greatly increase the chance of a lockup.

    3. Be able to save all four pages of words into single file. That way, for a given song, I can save the men and women choir phrases to a single file.

    Don\'t get me wrong, these are minor suggestions as I am VERY impressed with what this utility can do. Thanks for creating an amazing tool!!

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    Re: VOTA Utility Suggestions

    thanks you for your sugestions. In some time, i will begin to work in a new version...

    1. The utility is prepared to begin from the start when the text end, but that kind of feature could be nice.

    2. There are some things that you can do to (depending on your situation). The midi information that the utility receive in the midi in port, with channel 13..16, is bypassed to the voice 1 midi out port. If you use a sequencer, try to setup some tracks with midi out \"nemesys port x\" chan 13..16.

    3. That feature already exist in \"open all\" and \"save all\". With that you can save or open the 4 voices texts, in a *.vot file.

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    Re: VOTA Utility Suggestions

    Thanks for your quick reply! I\'m so used to hitting Ctrl-S to save what I\'m working on, I forgot to look at the File menu.

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    Re: VOTA Utility Suggestions

    Is there a special setting somewhere to be able to pass-thru midi on channels 13-16? The Utility works for all of the voice channels, 1-12, but nothing is passed thru 13-16. I have the midi ports setup exactly as specified in the help file.

    Also, I may have found a bug. If I accidentally play a few notes on a voice that I haven\'t loaded any words into, the utility freezes and pegs my CPU at 100%. (latest versoin of WinXP). This seems to happen when the utility does not have focus. (i.e. it\'s behind GigaStudio). Is it trying to popup a warning message but is unable to?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: VOTA Utility Suggestions

    Yes, you\'re right... The utility is trying to pop up a message telling you that you haven\'t loaded in any text. In fact, if you load text into one voice only, and then send midi data to two channels, for example, the utility will warn you that you need to load text. In my case this doesn\'t freeze anything, I just load the text and everything runs.

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