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Topic: Impromptu no.3 by Mladi Ratnik

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    Re: Impromptu no.3 by Mladi Ratnik

    A very fine piece of music, subtle, delicate and sensitive. Nice performance and rendition! I didn't know it, but I'm glad you've shared it with us!


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    Re: Impromptu no.3 by Mladi Ratnik

    Just what do you mean "ragged performance"?!
    I wish I could play that ragged...
    Great performance, recording and playing...


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    Re: Impromptu no.3 by Mladi Ratnik

    Please tell me more about the composer. When Googling I only see football / sports results. Strange music, puzzles me, but all interesting and beautiful.


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    Re: Impromptu no.3 by Mladi Ratnik

    This is a very nice background piece. I played this while just letting my mind wander and just in thought. It is soothing relaxing, and something you can fall asleep to for the most part. The ending stopped the soothing part and changed into a new direction, it made things feel a bit chaotic :P kind of like ending that calmness and then throwing my piano keyboard to the ground because I can't seem to play it (I really have a hard time playing the keyboard and it does frustrate me) LOL!!!

    Good piece Owen!!



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