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Topic: VoTA - Ks and Ss, Bs, Ts, etc.

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    VoTA - Ks and Ss, Bs, Ts, etc.

    I was trying out the word builder for the first time yesterday and encountered difficulty getting consonants to sound subtly - there\'s a harsh overemphasis, sort of a hiss or click effect depending on the consonant used.

    I added in a variety of <#>, (#), and [#] adjustments to soften them up but somehow I don\'t think I\'m headed in the right direction.

    If letters/sounds are repeated (e.g. rrrrrr) it extends the sound somewhat but introduces a sort of stuttering effect.

    Just for curiosity\'s sake, I\'m also trying to figure out what spelling of an \'errr\' sound would work best.

    Any suggestions and/or sample spellings of various words would be appreciated! Thanks.

    P.S. What\'s the situation with the community word builder dictionary I read about in an older post? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: VoTA - Ks and Ss, Bs, Ts, etc.

    when you write \"rrrr\", you are playing several notes, one \"r\" after another.

    Regarding <>, (),[]:
    <> change the velocity value of the letter
    () add (or remove) ms to the next timer, that control when the next note will be played
    [] add (or remove) ms to the off timer, that control when the letter will be release

    In 2 months, i will work in the new version of VotaUtility. I will have a convertor from english. To do this i will convert english to phonetics, and then phonetics to votox. To do this second step, i will need all the help i can get, having a lot of examples from you out there...

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    Re: VoTA - Ks and Ss, Bs, Ts, etc.

    stevefu, VotA Utility is basically a much quicker and easier way of passing through the early and middle stages of making a piece using the choir. In many/most cases, you\'re still going to need to top it all off by exporting the consonants separately to EQ them, and perhaps adding some reverb.

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    Re: VoTA - Ks and Ss, Bs, Ts, etc.

    Hi all, I am back.

    Don\'t forget you still have access to controllers such as, the modwheel for the pitched consonants,and keyswitches and the modwheel for the non-pitched consonants. These will tailor the attacks really well.

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    Re: VoTA - Ks and Ss, Bs, Ts, etc.

    Thanks, I\'ll look into working more with those features. I think initially I had the impression that the word builder would \'magically\' cover those areas for me. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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