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Topic: If you are near Orlando...

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    If you are near Orlando...

    I know there are at least a couple of people here from the Orlando, FL area. I\'ll be playing 4 gigs this weekend with Dominic Gaudious, an awesome guitar player. If you haven\'t heard him before, you will be blown away by his music. You can get a preview at www.dominicgaudious.com. Schedule follows. Hope to see some of you there.

    July 20 - Borders (Altamonte Springs, FL) 3pm
    July 20 - Borders (Ocoee, FL) 8pm
    July 21 - Borders (Sandlake Rd Orlando, FL) 2pm
    July 21 - Borders (Oviedo,FL) 6pm

    -- Martin

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    Re: If you are near Orlando...

    Hey Martin,

    I\'ll try to make it to either the Ocoee performance or the Sand Lake Road. I\'ll see if other people want to go!

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    Re: If you are near Orlando...

    Great! Be sure and introduce yourself.

    -- Martin

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    Re: If you are near Orlando...

    ahhh!!! It\'s a shame im not in Orlando right now!! Well...GOOD LUCK!


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    Re: If you are near Orlando...

    Im in the Tampa bay region about a hour and a half from orlando .
    I go to the St Pete and Clearwater Borders alot let me know if you have future plans to play there or anywhere in the Tampa bay area.
    Thanks , Ken

    Small world isn\'t it.

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    Re: If you are near Orlando...


    Dominic is playing in Tampa and Clearwater next week.

    July 27 - Borders (St. Petersburg, FL) 8pm
    July 28 - Borders (Tampa, FL -SOUTH) 2pm

    It\'s possible I may play one or both of those shows, but I don\'t know yet.

    -- Martin

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    Re: If you are near Orlando...

    I want to say that I really enjoyed the show. Dominic is a fantastic guitar player! I would encourage everyone to discover this phenomenal artist and listen to some of his music at dimonicgaudious.com

    Martin also accompanied him with some mean Didjeridoo playing. You\'ve got to admire anyone who can circular breathe for over 30 minutes!

    I\'m glad I saw the show!

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    Re: If you are near Orlando...

    Thanks! We had a good time. It was nice meeting you. Keep in touch.

    For those of you in Tampa, Dominic is playing there this weekend. I doubt I will drive over there, but this will likely be the last time you will be able to hear Dominic for free at Borders. He will not be doing the Borders circuit any more (they do not pay musicians now). See my message above for dates and times.

    If you go, say hi for me!

    Oh yeah. It\'s http:://www.dominicgaudious.com. You spelled it wrong.

    -- Martin

    -- Martin

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