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Topic: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

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    Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    OK, blood is in the water and the sharks are circling! I offer up this little morsel that I call “Suspense and Glory”. Things were getting a little slow around here anyway. There are a few interesting features under the hood of this song. VOTA is obviously used, and I used the VOTA UTIL for the first time (which became available when I was in the middle of the song) to have the choir sing one good word: I think you can figure what word is. Someone else also happened to suggest the phonetics for this word I wanted to use, but I was not quite happy with the phonetics and I came up with my own. If you want the spelling, let me know.
    This is probably the last time I used the Roland Strings: it’s GOS from here on. You will also hear some of Thomas’s Pan Flute in there. The percussion is a collection of instruments I culled from Percussive Adventures. The brass is a hodgepodge from different libraries: better brass in the future would make a difference. This is orchestral, but there is some synth in there as well. This song was designed to sound good on gamer computer sound systems with a sub-woof.
    So, take a listen. If you have good headphone or good speakers, crank this baby up! I dare you! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] This is not yet mastered (demo quality right out of the sequencer), so there is some clipping and too low levels, but, hey, you will get the idea. This will only be available for a limited time, then I will have to yank it. Get it while you can. Here ya go:


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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    Nice job there Doyle! What violins from GOS did you use? Also, did you tweak them at all?

    Keep up the nice work,


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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    No, \"Suspense and Glory\" will be the last time I used Roland strings. I got GOS too late to use them on this song. The Roland strings were in Roland format converted to AKAI format, and then tweaked by me, mainly the ADSR. Thanks for the comment!

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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    Very impressive Doyle. The build ups were quite well done. If you haven\'t been writing for film yet, you should be.

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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    Nice stuff Doyle, I particularly like those string slides. Are they Roland then?

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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    Thank you all for the comments!
    All the strings were Roland this time around. Until one can afford GOS or SI (or both), Roland can do quite well as long as you do not mind doing a lot of editing. For example, to get legato, I made a special version string program/patch that has a slow attack and fade, then edited the performance midi data to overlap the attacks and releases while varying the start times of the individual chord notes (making them a bit sloppy) to humanize the performances. It may not be so obvious in this song, but it is in the song \"A Forgotten Memory\" on my MP3.COM site (see below). You can thank Thomas J for making me more aware of the potential of the Roland strings. GOS has a HUGE number of articulations that removes much of the need to do all this note editing, and can do many many things that Roland Strings cannot. Until you get GOS, you just do not realize the massive size of it and the huge number of things it can do. It is a real library, and the size of a real library. 8+ gigs worth of library...
    If you are short on cash, Roland strings and GOS Lite can get you a lot of bang per buck.

    Doug: I write for video games, and I am sure movies and/or TV will present an opportunity sometime in the future (I hope). Meanwhile, I really like the broad range of composing for games. \"Suspense and Glory\" was very instrumental in landing me a new contract. I will have more links and music later related to that project.

    OOPS! A correction! The FX slides were Prosonus and the strings were Roland. But the real reason to get Prosonus is the marcato strings, and a lot of usable instruments like glockenspiel, tubular bells, brass, brass hits, etc. A good lib. Inexpensive.
    HOT TIP OF THE DAY: If you are a Windows or Apple user, did you know you can get Pro Tools FREE?? That is what it is called: \"Pro Tools FREE\". It uses your own audio and midi gear and it is the full program (perhaps the same as LE). 400+ pages of user guide. Be prepared to crash a lot till you get the beast set up. HINT: make sure your HDUs are set up for DMA, or that dog won\'t hunt. See:

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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    Despite the massive response and overwhelming interest [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] , the link to the music above will only be available till the end of the week. If you want to hear it, better get it now. Thanks!

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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    That sounds great. The word is \"glory\" right? You could make it sound more real by accentuating the volume at the beginning of each vowel. Keyswitch c#1 on the vowels does that for you automatically, but you may want to do more with a volume slider. Once you do this, you can increase the volume of the consonants quite a bit and it will sound more real.

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    Re: Suspense, Glory and VOTA

    Hey thanks Nick! I will try your advice on my next project, some action music for a game. I am still just trying to raise my choir to the lofty standard you have set with your choir examples. Jeez, we need our own VOTA section of the forum [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks for your advice, and all comments are welcome.

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