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Topic: Paypal - what is your experience?

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    Paypal - what is your experience?


    I am considering to habe Paypal as a payment solution on my wesite along with Visa, Mastercard, etc.

    I have heard bad stuff about frozen acounts, etc. But what shall I believe? What is your experiences?


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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    I\'ve used Paypal a ton with Ebay auctions and haven\'t had any problems. I had my first refund about a week ago and was expecting some difficulties, but all went well. I\'ve heard some horror stories as well, but so far it\'s been great for me!

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    About the refunds - If I sell a CD and ship it, can the customer the \"regret\" within 14 days and press the button \"refund\" and get his money back?

    If this is the case - the it sounds like bad business for me...

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    I\'ve lost alot of money using payscam.

    Many times, they claimed my bank account was invalid , then proceeded to charge me 25$ each time, then deleted all the account info so you can\'t go back and check if what they are telling you is true cause they just god damn deleted you account info.....

    Btw i reentered the SAME account info, and now it\'s valid....
    PAyscam has been nothing but trouble for me and i am never using it again....

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    Hi Franky,

    What do you do then? Are there any alternatives -like paypal. As I am not a US citizen I can not use Yahoo Direct Pay.

    As I said before, I already have secure Visa, mastercard, Eurocard, but I am looking for an alternative payment method in case the ordinary payment goes wrong (Like Visa getting refused..)

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    Hi Thomas, unfortunatly that\'s why i tried out Payscam too...

    I am sticking with credit cards....
    The company i use is great for detecting fraud and such, i have nothing but praise for them.
    Using anything else means more fees more hasstles, it aint real worth it imho.
    I may consider using U.S. currency money orders but like said the credit card thing is so much simpler...

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    I\'ve used PayPal a lot, both to make and receive payments and have never had any problems with them. Any transfers have always happened promptly and with no errors.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    I\'ve also used Paypal alot for the past couple of years to buy and sell things and have never had a problem.

    Thomas, the refund option is so that you (the seller) could refund a customer\'s payment without having to perform a separate transaction to send them the money back (it also saves additional fees)...there isn\'t a refund button that a customer can just push to get their money back, its up to the seller to initiate the refund.

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    Re: Paypal - what is your experience?

    I\'ve posted regarding Paypal before, but I\'ll add my estimation here too. Basically, Paypal works great... until something does go wrong, THEN you may very well be in a world of trouble. Paypal cost me $800 because of their screw-up, and the only way I got it back was through my own bank. I ended up disputing the paypal charges, and my personal bank reimbursed me.

    I will still use paypal upon occasion, but only because I have yet to see as strong a viable alternative, and even then, ONLY when making a payment for an ebay auction.

    If there is another way to go, I do hope you find it.

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