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Topic: English - German translators?

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    English - German translators?


    I strongly consider to make a german version of my website. Is there anyone out there who can do this - and what will it cost?



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    Re: English - German translators?

    I will help you translate it in Italian if that ever becomes necessary!

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    Re: English - German translators?

    I can do the translation into German, no problem at all. I charge $ 25.-- per hour. I\'m NOT using a translation program. My native language is German and you can make sure the translation will be in good quality. Futhermore, I have a 35 years musical and technical background.

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    Re: English - German translators?

    Hi maestro,

    If you go to my website at: www.scarbee.com

    How many hours work do you think it would take?


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