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Topic: Hammond Novachord library?

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    Hammond Novachord library?

    I\'d love to see one of the more ambitious developers sample the Hammond Novachord (some info here: Novachord site.

    It has a truly distinctive sound than would really turn heads, and being essentially an organ, should be relatively simple to sample - few velocity layers needed, just getting loop points would be the task. That and keeping it working and in tune long enough to complete the project!

    I did some conversions for a web site some years ago of some early recordings of the unit - absolutely amazing! One track featured \'trumpets\' that sounded like the \'20s recordings of flapper-style music, those doo-wakka-doo horns.

    There are a few working models in existence, I believe one is in San Jose. It would be a shame to let this magnificent machine disappear, only 1096 of them were made and there is NOTHING that sounds like it...


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    Re: Hammond Novachord library?

    Great idea Dasher.

    I\'d put the Novachord along side an Ondes Martenot, a Baldwin Electric Harpsichord and a cymbalom in the list of must-have sampled exotica.

    Hope the right folks are watching this thread.


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    Re: Hammond Novachord library?

    Sorry to revive this old thread but bringing things back from the dead is becoming a habit of mine...

    Novachord here

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    Re: Hammond Novachord library?


    Some fab stuff on your website - might be visiting you soon....



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