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Topic: Culture or Stormdrum?

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    Culture or Stormdrum?

    Which do you think is better, Culture or Stormdrum?

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    As the creator of one and user of both, I can tell you they are very different. Stormdrum has tons of loops based on live percussion ensembles and has a certain filmscore sound to it. Culture offers midi files of some standard rythyms. Culture focuses on incredibly detailed, well laid out, fairly standard percussion. I think it does this stuff better than any other library and the sound quality is pristine and consistent. Stormdrum has mostly more unusual percussion, but it\'s very usable stuff and there are many big drums. It works in a similar way to culture (tons of velocity switching, left and right hand samples, different parts of the drums.) Stormdrum also has really good drumkits and very cool electronic sounds. Soundwise, Stormdrum sounds a little bigger and also has some ambient samples. Stormdrum is more focused on Hollywood type stuff, but does many things very well that haven\'t been covered before. Culture is an all purpose percussion workhorse. They are the perfect couple, actually.

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    Nick is spot on. They live together very nicely but really are VERY different. For realism and single hits - Culture, for Drama and Loops - Stormdrum.

    If it\'s the loops you\'re more interested in maybe wait for Percussive Adventures 2 which is out soon.

    If I HAD to pick one.... mmmm... Culture! It\'s just SO realistic!

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    I have both (though I\'ve had Culture a lot longer), and it really depends on what you need. Does your piece need convincing ethnic percussion, or are you going for that larger than life sound? Culture gives you one, Stormdrum gives you the other.

    Hey Nick - I just got my copy of Stormdrum last week. The first thing I loaded up was \"Big Hits\", and all I can say is SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! I couldn\'t believe the number of useful sounds there were in that patch alone. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    Is Stormdrum only loops or also single hits?

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?


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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    Slightly OT, but still related:
    does Culture have a similar license restriction for production/stock music as Storm Drums and Percussive Adventures?

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    Are you suggesting single notes can have restrictions in usage too?

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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    I do mainly hip hop but am getting into sound for stuff like video games and flash animation. But my main work is still making records. I like percussion that Timbaland uses meaning more enthic. I am not sure how big \"hollywood sound\" would fit with hip hop (then again I want to invent new styles and break the mold). So i guess yall are saying i should get culture right? My style of hip hop is different then the stereo-typical view most people have. Check out my music on my site then let me know if culture or stormdrum would fit better. I appreciate your help.


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    Re: Culture or Stormdrum?

    I don\'t believe there are any restrictions with the Culture midi loops. Already used one for a TV commercial.

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