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Topic: Bosendorfer question

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    Bosendorfer question

    Would there be any interest in a Bosendorfer 290 sampled using the SLH technique (same as used on the White Grand), that is 16 velocities pedal up, 16 pedal down + 16 release samples?
    Any special requests for sounds? Close? ambient?

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    Re: Bosendorfer question

    Oh, please, please, please..... love to have Oscar Peterson´s grand under my fingers!!

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    Re: Bosendorfer question

    My special request would be for an intimate perspective which is not a player-perspective panning. Something along the lines of the typical C7 trick of an omni or figure-8 above the lidless hammer area, and another one situated at the \"small end\" (but not such that it picks up only bass stings...somewhere in the middle of the \"s-curve.\"

    Lots of people use 414s for this configuration. I\'d be very curious to see how Rode NT-2000s or K2s would work, since they\'re very nice sounding. I\'ve been using them in some of the setups I\'d typically reach for 414s and so far so good.

    The other piano I\'d suggest exploring is a Fazioli--not necessarily the humongous one, but something in the middle of their range.

    I would prefer either one to be recorded in an excellent, quiet, well-absorbed and diffused studio (in the main room) as opposed to a hall setting. To me, what another Bosendorfer sample could provide is something exactly as Sam states...a more intimate, jazzy type setting where you could afford to really crank up those 16 release samples and make the most of their expressive potential. What is difficult to get out of many pianos (and easy to get from the White Grand and Scarbee\'s Electric Pianos) is the kind of hornlike articulations you can get on an actual acoustic by utlilzing the dampers. This is due to the large number of release samples common to these particular libraries. However, having much hall ring on the sample would largely defeat that kind of use--and we already have two Bosies in wide circulation with that hall-ring already covered.

    That\'s what I feel would bring something different to the table in another Bosie, and make for an interesting addition to the available libraries without somewhat repeating what\'s already covered.

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    Re: Bosendorfer question

    Originally posted by samwhite:
    Oh, please, please, please..... love to have Oscar Peterson´s grand under my fingers!!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">How about his giftedness embedded in your fingers. Oscar reamains a monster player even in his senior years. It\'s too bad that Bill Evans never got to realize this.. The teacher outlived the student in this case..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Bosendorfer question

    Hi Worra...thanks for the question. Your sampling technique helps bring out many nuances of the instrument!

    I remember that Oliver Truan who made the East West Bosendorfer thought that the Bosendorfer 290 (a 9\'8\" piano) was almost too big (of course for big classical concertos or big pop rock music that is what may be needed!) and so he sampled the 9\'2\" Bosendorfer 275 (I think Bosendorfer has now replaced this model with the 9\'4\" Bosendorfer 280) which I also like for its slightly more balanced sound. So maybe that model is worth your consideration although sampling the Bosendorfer 290 would still be great!

    I also second Bruce\'s suggestion of sampling a Fazioli piano! The only ones I have are an Alesis 8 MB Classical Piano QCard for the QS8 and also the one that is part of East West Ultimate Piano Collection (AKAI version). I believe William Coakley has also sampled one for his Perfect Piano series. I can tell even from these smaller sampled instruments that the Fazioli has a great smooth yet dynamic silky sound! Perhaps again the biggest F308 model (a 10\'3\" piano!) may be too rich (although I like the sound of it in that Alesis QCard) so a smaller model like the F278 (a 9\'3\" piano) or the F228 (a great 7\'7\" piano sampled in the Ultimate Piano Collection) may be more suitable.

    Perhaps also Yamaha\'s 9\' CFIIIS classical concert piano would be a great addition. The venerable 7\'6\" Yamaha C7 has been sampled a lot but the deep sounding Yamaha CFIIIS has hardly been sampled. I think there are maybe a few Soundfonts of this piano and also one by Sonic Reality in their Concert Grand Pianos so perhaps this is one gap that can be filled.

    I still like a player perspective since that sounds great for solo piano music, but it would be very nice to also have audience perspectives both close and ambient for mixes and surround sound as well (as was done for example in SAM Brass, EWQLSO, PMI Bosendorfer 290, Vintaudio Yamaha C7, and the Best Service Galaxy Steinway 5.1).

    Anyway, hope you continue your great work!

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    Re: Bosendorfer question

    Hi Worra,

    I like Bruce\'s suggestion. But I might like to see something other than another Bosie library, although you can never have too many good piano libraries. A couple I\'d be interested in are:

    Grotrian-Steinweg (\"Grotian\")
    Baldwin concert grand
    M&H/Mason and Hamlin CC or BB

    A Fazioli would be cool. But I think would rather have a good Baldwin or M&H sample library. These are great pianos with a familiar and valued sound.

    I am also hoping for a new Fortepiano library.

    When will we get our first \"preview\" of the Black Grand?? I\'m anxiously awaiting it\'s arrival.


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