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Topic: Another legal question (yawn)

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    Another legal question (yawn)

    OK, so I desperately want the Creative Soundfont disc of a Balinese Gamelan. Problem is it\'s long since been deleted, and the whole Creative Soundfont operation has closed down, leaving a defunct web-site behind it - which is how I stumbled across the disc. A quick e-mail to EMU confirmed that Soundfont.com is now shut down.

    So is it now legal for me to hunt for second-hand copies? I know, in theory, that anyone who sold it to me would be breaking their agreement with Creative, but since the whole operation seems to be gone, and Creative are no longer expecting a return on each license then it would no longer be harming them financially.

    What does everyone here think? Or are we just too sick of these questions to even bother?

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    Re: Another legal question (yawn)

    I would call Creative, and find out who was in charge of the soundfont program. They could give you the author\'s contact info, and you could obtain it from the author. Somewhere, there\'s a person who actually produced the work and owns the copyrights, and that person is your ideal channel. Maybe someone here knows who produced it?

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    Re: Another legal question (yawn)

    Pingu, maybe I\'m not understanding you correctly, but I just went to Creative\'s soundfont.com website and it\'s working perfectly fine.

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    Re: Another legal question (yawn)

    Certainly the site works fine - it\'s been left almost completely intact. But if you try to actually order anything you\'ll be told it\'s out of stock and sent to a page where you can put your name on a list to back order. If you try submitting this page it will just return an error message. And if you try using the contact details to get in contact with them it turns out the e-mail address is now defunct. I tried reporting this at the EMU site and was told that the Soundfont.com site is no longer intended to work.

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