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Topic: Best Grand Piano liberary?

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    Best Grand Piano liberary?

    I\'m considering getting Bosendorfer 290 or Steinberg The Grand... any other suggestions?

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Model 290

    Franky\'s Vintaudio Yamaha C7

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    You may want to have a listen to our new Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand. It\'s now shipping with an introductory offer. Please visit www.milandigitalaudio.com to hear the demos. Thanks!

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    Any opinions on this?

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    [ QUOTE ]
    Any opinions on this?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    How to you like your pianos to sound? Bright or dark? Pop or classical? There\'s a lot of different pianos out there that accomplish different things.

    In my opinion, the Bardstown Bose is the most versatile. It\'s at home in most any genre. It\'s the one I would have if I only had one.

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    well... I would be using it for classicla music (scores)... no pop or rock...

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    I just posted a new demo in a new discussion topic on NS composed by Alan Russell featuring the Bardstown Bosendorfer with full orchestra.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?


    The real Steinway D is the most versatile. And milanaudio Hamburg Steinway sound great. (Mp3)

    The price is great to 175 $. I\'ve just oredered it. Cant\' wait to receive it.



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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    [ QUOTE ]
    I\'m considering getting Bosendorfer 290 or Steinberg The Grand... any other suggestions?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Between these two, the PMI Bosie wins hands down! It is pretty versatile, though I use it mainly for classical work. I haven\'t felt the slightest twinge to bother with \"The Grand\" since getting the PMI. If a person were to have only one piano library, the one I recommend w/out qualification is PMI\'s Bosie.

    If you\'re in no rush, perhaps wait for the release ArtVista\'s Steinway B or Worra\'s \"Black Grand\". I think they\'ll be out sometime this spring. Do a search of the forum, I think you can find some tasty sneak previews of the ArtVista Steinway B library, and if Worra\'s success with the \"white grand\" is indicative I\'m thinking the \"Black Grand\" will be a knockout. Milan\'s library is promising (they have a downloadable demo for Kontakt you can check out), I\'ll prolly end up getting it, but waiting for giga format. Check out PMI\'s Steinway D library, I use it quite a bit for classical-oriented projects

    Let us know which library you get and what you think of it. I\'m always interested in hearing others impressions [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

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    Re: Best Grand Piano liberary?

    Hi Fozzy. We\'ll be offering crossgrades at no charge from any version, so if you like you can feel comfortable in getting our current Kontakt version and when the Giga verson comes out you can switch to it if you like. There will just be a small handleing fee for new discs to be mailed out and burned, no more than $20 I believe. Actually next on the list is a Halion version. No exact release date as of yet, but it will be sometime soon. Thought you would like to know!

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