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Topic: OFf Topic - Batteries (Please take a look)

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    OFf Topic - Batteries (Please take a look)

    I use a wireless guitar system and I am using rechargable batteries (They require 9V) The problem is the charger I have requires you to take the batteries (9V) out of the charger immediately after they are charged or else it starts slowly taking away from the battery life.

    Is there a charger that either shuts off or conditions the batteries after they are charged? I don\'t have the time to check after 9 hours is done of charging and then change the batteries. I would like one with 4 slots for 9V. I can\'t seem to find one anywhere. Thanks!

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    Re: OFf Topic - Batteries (Please take a look)

    Energizer makes a 9V/AA charger. I use it for my portable mic pre-amp, which runs off of 9V batteries.

    You can keep the batteries in the charger for as long as you wish. It actually puts a slight, continuous charge into the batteries, so when you do remove them, they are fully loaded. I found the charger at Target locally.

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