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Topic: Advantages of VI's-- DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ

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    Advantages of VI\'s-- DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ

    One thing that came to mind as I read \"The Future Is Here\" thread: An advantage which has not been expoited (with the exception of the LOGIC VI\'s and probably others of which I\'m not aware) is the possibility of being able to demo a library in one\'s own studio. We all know how difficult it is to evaluate a library based on demos provided by the developers. A little bit of hands on goes a long way. Then decide if you want to keep the lib., go pay your money at a web site, get an authorization code, and everybody\'s happy! Just a thought.


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    Re: Advantages of VI\'s-- DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ

    Yeah, it would be hard to convince the manufacturers to have you test out only 2-3% of their content. Although Yellow Tools did it with Culture, and VSL did it as well, albeit for 10$ US [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

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    Re: Advantages of VI\'s-- DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ

    I agree that there should be a better way of testing libraries. Logic has a great way of implementing this, but it requires a dongle, and we had that discussion before....
    We at SampleTekk have tried making a downloadable demo, as with the White Grand. It\'s playable, (2 full octaves + all the C\'s), but it\'s \"crippled\" enough to prevent that it\'s used for other that evaluation.
    Another way to go could be to allow a second hand market for sample-cd\'s, or rather, a chanse to sell your license.
    There are second hand markest on everything else that I can think of, so why should sample-CD\'s be anything different?
    Anyway, a good way for customers to be able to evaluate samples would be good for both the users and developers!

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    Re: Advantages of VI\'s-- DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ

    Hey Steven,
    I agree that Logics trial periods are a great way to sell their products (I became hooked on several and had to make the call to purchase them) but you have to remember that they are all modeled instruments and not sample based. In the case of all the VST instruments being discussed, we are talking about gigabytes worth of samples which would not be feasible to include in the packaging of a sampler. Not to mention that clever industrious souls would somehow figure out a way to get the samples (particularly the loop based libs) into a wav or aiff file and then use them in the sampler or beat slicer they already might own.


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