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Topic: The Future is Never Here

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    The Future is Never Here

    That other thread is entirely too serious.

    ....the future is never here, the moment it arrives it\'s the present.

    Post all of your lighthearted observations of life, maxims, and wonderings here.


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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    When travelling from Sydney to Los Angeles, the future is yet to be, although you\'ve already seen it:

    You arrive half an hour before you leave, and it takes 15 hours to do it!

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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    \"I am vitally interested in the future because that is where you and I will spend the rest of our lives....\" or something like that, VERY inexact quote from \"Ed Wood\"...

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    Re: The Future is Never Here


    ...the present doesn\'t exist. The moment I think about it, it\'s in the past.

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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    Pick any \"precise\" moment in the future, say, six months from now. At every half-way point between now and then, call out \"I\'m half way to the future.\" Tell us when you get there. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    With apologies to Zeno.


    P.S. For your amusement.

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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    no wonder I\'m frustrated,

    ...everything I want to buy is in the future (I heard there\'s a new generation G5 coming out)
    ...in the present, I never have enough money to buy what I want
    ...the moment I buy something, it\'s passe. Leading to
    ...my thinking about the future again (I heard there\'s a G6 being developed)

    endless loop

    (sorry, a rough day at work. never enough time to finish everything)


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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    Yeah things I want to buy are in the future too... Have to wait for socket 939 and pci-express and Nvidia is announcing the Nv40 in 11 days!! Not like i\'ll be able to afford all that when it comes out anyways though. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">But are those things the future, or are they the present for the few elite who already have them (those who are developing them)? Perhaps what is longed for is not the future, but a different present. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    In 1948, George Orwell wrote 1984, a book about the future which is now our past, but which is also, in many ways, our present... and future.

    I think Einstein put it best when he stated that E = MC Hammer.

    Where are my pills?

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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    funny stuff.

    Xeno is fascinating. So is Xena, Warrior Princess.


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    Re: The Future is Never Here

    Thers gold in them thar hills.

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