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Topic: from .gig to...something i can use

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    from .gig to...something i can use

    Hi, I\'m not a user of Gigasampler, sorry to say, and haven\'t got the money to become one, but I\'d like to know : is there a way I can convert gig-files (that I found on the internet) to Akai-files ?
    I\'ve got a Pulsar soundcard with a samplerplayer that can load those. I just wonder

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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use

    I believe acid can convert various formats, not sure though.


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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use

    Thanks for the awnser but it doesn\'t help much. I\'ve got Acid and Cool Edit Pro, and I have no trouble converting a wav to something else.
    I\'m looking for a program or a way to make use of .gig-files in an Akai-sampler, sort of like a gig-to-akai-converter.
    Anyone else suggestions ?

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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use

    Maybe to be more specific.
    I saw this thing :

    gigasampler S-converter

    and wondered if it could work the other way around

    any help appreciated

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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use


    Imports .gig format
    Exports Akai format (P, S & AKP)

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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use

    Thanx, that\'s more like it, I\'ll try it out

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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use

    Damn, I can\'t get it to work in the Shareware-mode (and I converted about 40 samples manually to wav. and the .gig-file to a .p-file) and I really haven\'t got 99 USD to spend on it when I\'m not even sure it\'s worth it.
    Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong or preferably a freeware converter appreciated.

    (I want to use those .gig-files in the sampleplayer of my Pulsar soundcard)

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    Re: from .gig to...something i can use

    Doesn\'t the Pulsar accept other formats, like SoundFont? Since Akai is a whole other disk format, I\'d think that would be the most difficult way to go.

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