Hi guy\'s,

I just purchased GS160 few days ago and are in the learning progress...

I got some sample sound, and downloaded some more yesterday from Project SAM (Trumpets/timpani).

Now I when I was testing these great samples, I wondered if you Pro\'s use special midi tracks for effects like timpani rolls/crescendo etc. or combine it into one track.

Btw. I\'m composer/arranger so I need to notate my things, would you have special version which combines f/x etc. or what? And is there any resource about how to notate some of these f/x things, besides just listen to it and notate it (well doable but timesuming).

Hopefully, I\'ll be able to post some demos of what I done soon.


Ps. I use Sibelius, Sonar and now GS160. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]