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Topic: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

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    XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    I thought I was being smart when I ordered the XSample Harp/Celeste Disk in Akai format. That way I could use my E6400\'s as well as Gigasampler (extra midi channels, Sample Ram and polyphony).

    Little did I know that the Harp was too big to crossfade and be able to player on an Akai or Emu sampler. i.e. - it was seperated into p, mf, and f instrments.

    As explore the Hell that is the Gigasampler Patch Editor trying to crossfade layers so I have a complete Harp I have run into issues.

    1.) Can someone please give me the parameters for the Harp instrument? Either by sending me a .art file or by just telling me at what points the p, mf and f layers crossfade? Also how is the low pass filter set?

    I would be much obliged.

    Also can anyone tell me if it is possible to change patch numbers from GigaStudio without opening up the editor. I am running Gigastudio 2.5 and patch/bank management is driving me ****ing nuts.


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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    This should work...

    Create a new instrument in editor from within the main Harp file.

    Click the instrument wizard button.

    Select the key range for the harp.

    Select 4 layers from the drop down menu on the next page

    Now on the four lines on the final page put the \"p\" folder in the first two, then the \"mf\" folder then the \"f\" in the last.

    Now, that the instrument has been made highlight all the regions (they turn yellow) and go to the mix/layer tab.

    Select the \"blue\" \"staircase looking box in the lower right hand corner and in the box choose \"mod wheel\" as your control source.

    Now (yes this is a pain! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ......drap the aptly named \"blue balls\" on your four layers (which should be labled \"p\" (twice0, \"mf\", and \"f\" to when you want them to come on.

    Let me know if you have any other questions....and yes the editor is pain in the *** .


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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    Thanks donnie...

    Do you happen to know at what #\'s the layers transition from p to mf to f in the giga instrument?

    Also, I am using velocity instead of the mod wheel. Can you tell me how the low pass filter is set over regions?

    Thanks man.

    By your silence, I am assuming that there is no way to control patch numbers while you are loading them or once they are loaded in GS.

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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    I just saw your request and I got the Xsample
    Harp, so I can send you the art files if you
    still need them.


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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    Hi Sapkiller

    I have the same problem as Wacky, because I got the XSample Harp in Akai format two years ago before I even started using GigaStudio. If you would be so kind as to send out the art file for the Giga version I would really like to get a copy too.

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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers


    Cool, that would be great. Could you send them to ekaho@yahoo.com? Thanks!

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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    Hi Wacky and DCB
    You got mail [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers

    Originally posted by Wacky:
    Cool, that would be great. Could you send them to ekaho@yahoo.com? Thanks!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Wacky - I can\'t get them through to you - the
    attachments are too large for your mailaccount.
    What\'s the max? - maybe I can split and zip.


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    Re: XSample Harp/Patch Numbers


    Try info@bluenoisemedia.com

    Thanks again.

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