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Topic: Classical Piano

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    Classical Piano

    Who makes the best sounding sampled piano for classical?

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    Re: Classical Piano

    I\'ve been working with the Bosendorfer imperial grand, and the samples are rich and beautiful. But let me tell you that: to get this bank sounding to its full potential requires much work, some of which is impossible to perform on the Giga platform (tweaking the attacks).

    Now, I\'ll say something that might be startling to some, but it is true: I bought this library with a friend who works with an emu 6400 with 128 megs of ram. This hardware sampler might be limited in term of horsepower, but it is far ahead in terms of attack control and filtering. Here is the amazing thing: my friend diluted the Bosendorfer library and reduced a working version of it from 1.5 gigs to 60 megs, and it sounds MUCH BETTER than the same Bosie in its full version!!! No kidding here, I heard it last thursday! His real \"full\" version is around 250 megs big.

    The main reason why it sounds better is because of the emu\'s attack control which permits to smooth the transition between velocities, thus creating a superior realism. This is not possible to achieve through GSedit, what a shame!
    I might be posting a demo of the 60 megs Bosie so you can hear for yourselves.

    Anyway, it just depends what you want to do with your piano. If you want to play on it like you would on a real piano (solo), then be prepared to program A LOT! If you want me to elaborate on the required tweakings, just ask, and I\'ll tell you everything I know!

    Be at peace.

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    Re: Classical Piano

    I\'m currently, (among some other things....) working on a Grand Piano that\'s supposed to be more classical oriented.
    The instrument itself, a 30\'s Malmsjo Grand, has a very warm tone, and it\'s been recorded in a way to capture the special timbre. I\'ve used just 2 mics and worked very hard with the placements of the microphones. I wanted to use just a stereo pair to avoid phase problems and also to get a piano that sounds more from a listeners point of view that the musician. The piano has been recorded in a big, wooden floored studio that has a great ambience for acoustic instruments.

    I then made the decision that I wanted to use as many velocities as possible, I also wanted to use stereo samples for the sound.
    I therefore only used pedal up samples, but I sampled 16 velocities!
    If I where to use pedal down samples, I could \"only\" use 8 velocities, and as I said, I wanted a lot of velocities.
    I worked together with Clavia on this one, and where able to use their inhouse software, wich made it possible for me to sample with 2Db accurasy, that is, from the loudest sample, the samples go down in a scale of 2Db steps down to 32db below the loudest sample.

    The other thing that concerned me was size. Ok, Gst hasn\'t the problem with RAM, but still, this Grand could sustain notes up to 2 minutes....
    So, the file would be, with full envelope, around 5-6Gb. I therefore decided to loop.... yes, you heard me... a bit like swearing in church! But to keep the size down, I sampled 12 seconds of each full note. I figured that 12 seconds would provide with samples long enough to let you play unlooped in 99.9% of all situations.

    I\'m working on this project right now, still cutting up samples, but it should be ready within a month.
    The beta versions sounds quite astonishing! Ok, I made it, but I can truthfully say that it sounds unique.
    Both the instrument itself and the way it\'s been recorded contributes to this, and I\'m 100% satisfied with the way this turned out. It sounds just the way I wanted it.

    So, if your willing to wait just a few weeks more, you might wanna check this one out!

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    Re: Classical Piano

    Hi Rick,

    You may want to check out some of the classical demos on the mp3 page of our web site.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Classical Piano

    Hi Rick,

    I really like the Bardstown Audio Bosendorfer Imperial Grand, especially with the new update just released. It\'s just an incredible sampled piano. I add a reverb inside Gigastudio to make it sound live, for classical. Their are many great samples now; so it is somewhat an objective opinion. I am sure whatever your decision you will be happen with the new power of the Giga formatted piano samples. They blow away earlier sample formats because of their increased detail due to the enlarged files that are capable within Giga.

    Best of Luck,
    Garius Hill

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    Re: Classical Piano

    Yep, exactly. There are probably a dozen of them that are worth your time, Rick. It all comes down to personal taste (tone, mic distance, etc.).

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    Re: Classical Piano

    Originally posted by Worra:

    ...So, if your willing to wait just a few weeks more, you might wanna check this one out![/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">This is excactly what i had in mind, a distant mic\'d warm sounding piano. I will wait indeed!

    Thanks to all for their advice,

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    Re: Classical Piano

    Have to ask this:

    What do you mean by \"classical\"?

    The sound of the piano seems to vary a lot from one recording to the next. The sound on the Gould Goldberg Variations is very different from the sound on Horowitz Mozart pieces. (Different Steinways, mics, mic postions, and countless other things.)

    I would love to hear Mozart\'s C minor Etude done with all the available piano samples, but no such comparison exists.

    Maybe it\'s a matter of wanting a brittle or round timbre? Do you want the sound as it appears from the player\'s position or that of a listener in the middle of a hall?

    I really like the latest Post Steinway, judging from the MPGs.

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    Re: Classical Piano

    Hey, for a very soft warm sounding classical piano, check out Malajsmo piano. (I think I spelled that wrong) I have this piano, and it is soooo pretty. And you can\'t beat the price either! Check it out, if you want want that soft piano sound.

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