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Topic: Orchestral Brass

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    Orchestral Brass

    Hello all.

    Do we know of a orchestral brass library that
    is excellent! The Advanced Orch is very weak in this area IMO. I\'m hoping to find an excellent brass library that will compliment my Garritan strings, which have since made my brass seem so very fake.

    Especially trumpets. I find them particularly difficult to produce from my current resources.
    I\';m looking for Trunpets, french horns, trb tuba
    etc...hopefully in ensemble form as well as solo.

    In fact, even modern horn sections.

    Tell me what the go is. I\'m prepared to pay but only for top quality.


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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    For trumpets:

    Get SAM Trumpets.

    You can download it for free http://www.projectsam.com/

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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    Monolith, brass has been a deficiency in commercial libraries for many many many years. Finally developers are getting their act together and have started producing high quality brass libraries. I STRONGLY suggest you wait for Maarten\'s Horns which should be available pretty soon! Dan Dean is also producing a complete brass ensemble library which could render all previous efforts obsolete. Rumours has it it should be out very soon!

    Kirk Hunter is also making a brass library. I\'m not too sure about the release date, though.

    AO does NOT have good brass so stay away from that.

    The best thing you can do now is to wait.

    SAM trumpets are pretty good, but lack some highs and the playing isn\'t that professional. Still it\'s light years better than the AO trumpets.

    Best luck


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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    Wait for Dan\'s ensembles....trust me on this one!


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    Re: Orchestral Brass


    Thomas_J hit the nail on the head.

    There are quite a few new libs coming out so it might be worth waiting for these. Two libraries (SAM Horns, and DD Brass ensembles) should be done fairly soon. KH is on its way as well, but not sure when either. He\'s going to do many articulations and velocities, so its going to be worth looking into.

    For more instruments you may want to look into Dan Dean solo brass, and QLBrass. The Tuba in both are pretty good. The bass Bone in Dan Dean is very usable with a little EQ and reverb.

    If you need them \"yesterday\", there is also the option of layering I\'ve gotten really usable results for trumpet with layering QLBrass with Dan Dean Solo Brass. As well, as one of the better horn sounds I\'d created with using all libraries I had (AO, QLB, Dan Dean Solo Brass). I actually built my own patch with a mixed sample of these.

    There is also SAM\'s Free Trumpets at www.projectsam.com

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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    I suggest you check out our library, \"Bigga Orchestral Brass\". It\'s solobrass, but they blend in very well with other available ensamble libraries and they have a very nice pricetag.
    You can read about what other people thought about it here or here.
    You can also read the review in the latest issue of Home Recording.
    You can listen to some demos:
    Demo1, Demo2, Demo3, Demo4, Demo5.
    You can read more about the CD\'s, that can be bought in a 4-CD box for $189 or individually for $59 at Bigga Giggas

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    Re: Orchestral Brass


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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    oops is right! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    Yup [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Orchestral Brass

    Live and learn I guess...

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