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Topic: introducing myself

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    introducing myself


    I am rather new to this great forum. Just to introduce myself I have posted the 1st movement of my actual work-in-progress Sinfonietta.

    Just go to: http://homepage.mac.com/michaelpalm/FileSharing1.html
    and download \"Sinfonietta 1st Mvmt.mp3\"

    Any comments are highly appreciated. Sorry for the rather large mp3 file.

    best regards


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    Re: introducing myself

    Very nice introduction, Michael! Welcome to the forum. What libraries are you using? Other synths/software beside GS?

    BTW, this may be me, but it seems the mix is a bit hot, I\'m getting occasional breakup in the track.


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    Re: introducing myself


    I did this with AO + AO97 update and my old trustworthy Kurzweil K2000 (with built-in orchestral expansion board; many sounds on this board are still very usable). Sampling was done on the AKAI S3000XL and the Kurzweil´s sampling board, since I don´t (yet?) own GS; editing, multitracking and mixing in Studio Vision Pro (in the meantime I have switched to Digital Performer which is a great app!).

    I have checked the mp3 again and it sounds OK, I didn´t get those breakups you were talking about.

    On http://homepage.mac.com/michaelpalm/FileSharing1.html I will post further music soon.


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    Re: introducing myself

    DP - I love it! And I\'m glad to hear that the MP3 is OK, this is going into my \'saved demos\' folder that I play for people to show what Giga is capable of. Nice work.


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    Re: introducing myself

    Thanks for compliments,
    but as I´ve said, this piece wasn´t done in Giga but with AKAI and Kurzweil gear.

    Anyway, there are additional soundtrack excerpts online now under the address I´ve mentioned.


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    Re: introducing myself

    Great stuff Michael! I downloaded all your pieces. Is that the brass from AO? It sounds very bright....

    I like Orchestral Intro, those low string movements are cool. They remind me of the Excalibur theme. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Where is that main trumpet from? AO....?

    I trust you\'re running these things through the Kurzweil reverb? Its pretty smooth although it doesn\'t add that much depth to it all.

    I love the clarinet grace notes in Total Therapy, you can almost see the players head bobbing from side to side as he plays. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Are they from AO?

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    Re: introducing myself

    Thanks Hasen,

    all you hear is AO and AO97 respectively (and a little EQ polishing). From the Kurzweil orchestral board comes: some orchestral percussion (bass drum), harp, celesta, and the pizzicato strings (I didn´t like the pizz in AO or maybe I did something wrong).
    I used my Lexicon MPX-500 for reverb. I think I have to tweak a little bit more with it, because when you hear the music with headphones it´s way too much of reverb. Anyway...reverb...one of the most difficult things to emulate. I tried the Altiverb Demo and was blown away by it. I think it´s the best reverb you can get as a plug-in at the moment. And it´s rather cheap (although I don´t have the money for now...).

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    Re: introducing myself

    Wow you\'re sure getting a lot out of AO! Especially the brass. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Reverb certainly is very difficult to emulate as you say and Altiverb is the best but only for dry samples. If they\'re wet you need something with a nice smooth tail like...the MPX-500 isn\'t bad. Considering you use AO which is (almost) all dry then you will certainly benefit a lot from Altiverb!

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    Re: introducing myself

    Hi Palm!

    I just checked out your website again. The first time I visited it your sinfonietta was about 9 MB if I recall correctly. Did you change something or is it just about the mp3-rate? I wasn\'t able to download it that time (not at home...), so do I get the same because now it is only about 7 MB?

    I like all your songs!


    PS: I see you\'re from Vienna? I wonder if you know something about that outstanding Vienna Symphony Library that is coming soon I hope...? Perhaps you\'ve seen it with your own eyes, and if not, keep an eye on it!!! We all want to know about it... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: introducing myself


    I only changed the mp3 compression ratio, because my webspace at Apple is limited to 20 MB. Don´t worry, you are getting the same for a shorter download time.

    About VSL: all I know is that it is a real project and no hoax as some people might think. And it WILL set new standards. But I don´t know any details about it except that a rather large number of instrumentalists are involved.

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