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Topic: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

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    Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    I met with one of the guys involved in the Vienna project earlier this week. I\'ve been a ton busy so I haven\'t posted about it. (nor been much help on anything related to NS or developers lately, sorry)

    Anyhow, there\'s a bit of movement towards getting the website rolling very soon. There will possibly be some demos (which do sound fantastic) and a TON of info. The people involved are very much after doing something beyond \"traditional\" libraries. There is much effort in getting the end product very managable for the end user.

    The people involved are all very talented, so I\'m quite anxious to see what everyone here thinks about the project once the website debuts. The project still amazes me, its just a galaxy beyond what I consider a sampling project.

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    Re: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    What exactly is the Vienna project, please?

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    Re: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    I think these were the two main threads started on it:




    Basically, it\'s an enormous sampling project. Freaking huge.

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    Re: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    Thanks for the link, Rooftop. I\'m pretty sure this titan of a library is WAAY out of my usability range.

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    Re: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    Well, this is exciting news if somebody is FINALLY approaching virtual orchestration seriously and comprehensively. In my opinion, there is only one way to develop and test a symphonic library and that is to use a number of reference pieces from both the classical literature and movie scores so that they can be clearly compared. This will guarantee that the majority of the myriad of required articulations and nuances are recorded in a purely musical context so that we can finally start producing music rather than wasting time with programming.

    The other half of the battle will be accessing and triggering these articulations without all this old fashioned programming. This will involve Sibelius-like reading of expression marks, and then more elaborate plugins and artificial intelligence to provide additional inflections as a \"first-pass\" routine, and then some fine-tuning only after the majority of the programming has been done by the software. At that point, we will have finally started to use computers with the same efficiency currently being done in so many other areas, and virtual orchestration will become a real alternative rather than a time consuming expensive myth.

    Best of luck with this project, but I feel it will not be taken seriously unless some realistic orchestral mockups are provided to prove that it has been finally done properly. I believe people are willing to pay for a library that actually works expressively so that they can get on with their music, and be free from the torturous programming involved in trying to somehow make a library sound realistic.



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    Re: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    Really really exciting King!

    I\'m pretty anxious to here those demos [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Imagine having a completely new full-orchestra library (and the size) after Vitous and Siedlaczek. Quite a milestone!


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    Re: Update on the Vienna stuff for people interested

    *bangs on the table while screaming for demos*

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