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Topic: DDSB Crossfade?

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    DDSB Crossfade?

    Anybody ever think about taking the task to create some smooth modwheel patches for DDSB? I\'m specifically talking about the muted trumpets. The attacks are too harsh, so what I do is use two tracks: The first track I use the soft velocity to swell the note. The second track I use the high velocity right after the first track to create the grand detache for the brass. Just an idea. If someone can do that, that\'d be dandy. Workin\' on my scholarship packet 4:21 AM in the morninnnnnnnnnn, whoopi doodi! Sitting on my anus for 10 hours straight with no food.... whoopiiiiiii. Ick.

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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Crossfades aren\'t a good option for solo instrument, as you have the sound of two instruments durring the CF.

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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Well Bill\'s right, which brings me to a wish list item for Giga. I wish there was a modeling technology that would allow cross fades but eliminate the phasing between the samples. If someone could invent this I\'d be eternally grateful. However in the meantime I won\'t hold my breath.


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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Keep in mind however, for now, that if you are using the solo brass to play chords, the crossfade works ok. It\'s only when you are playing a solo line that you get the phazing. It will do for now. I\'m also finding myself working with multiple versions of solo wind instruments and layering them together instead of relying on the ensemble patches. I can pick an ensemble of 2-4 musicians with this technique and the result if very rich.

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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    ever hear that phrase...

    \"be careful what you wish for....It might come true\"?

    <whistles along.....> [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    There are a couple people working hard to try and figure out ways to do stuff like this.

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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Originally posted by A_Sapp:
    Well, I would play chords if someone made this type of patch.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well make it then.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Straight crossfade cannot be applied to solo instruments. Phasing artifacts will always occur, resulting in perception of two different instruments playing at unisone. What is needed is a thoroughly different approach, based on phase coherence among crossfaded samples. A difficult task indeed. Yet feasible.


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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Also, unless you\'re trumpet solo is happening all by itself (i.e. no other orchestral instruments playing) you\'re not likely to hear the results of the phasing too badly at all. Especially with some decent verb on it.

    I made a crossfading breath-controlled patch of the mutes and have found it sounds just fine.

    It\'s a piece of cake to do this and I highly recommend every one take a minute and give it a go.


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    Re: DDSB Crossfade?

    Well, I would play chords if someone made this type of patch.

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