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Topic: Gigapiano

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    I am totally new to PC music software in general and Gigasampler in particular. I have just loaded Gigapiano and want to adjust the reverberation - how is this done? How is it reduced - I would appreciate step by step advice on what to change.

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    Re: Gigapiano

    Firstly, I\'m not sure if this is the same for Gigasampler as it is for Gigastudio which is what I am familiar with, but since no one with gigasampler has answered your question I thought that I would at least give it a shot. Go to the NFX Reverberator (I assume Gigasampler has one). From there select the dropdown tab at the top left of the screen that says program or patch. Here there are a whole bunch of presets. Pick one and see how it sounds, if you don\'t like it select another. Then you can tweak the sound by adjusting the size and feel of the room. Most of this part is just experimenting. I hope that helps at least a little. If it doesn\'t let me know and I\'ll try to track down someone who has gigasampler.


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