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Topic: VOTA and the utility - LOL!

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    VOTA and the utility - LOL!

    I just got VOTA today, and I really like it - some of the deep male regions are a bit too stretched and such but I think it will work well in a mix.

    I then had to try the utility of course - LOL this is funny) I got it to say my name with a little trouble!

    I have some ideas for improvement though (if these are already built-in, excuse me for being premature). How about some CODES for controlling volume on each letter individually? Sometimes I get way to loud V\'s and such, and it would be nice to be able to write e.g.:

    rRuv[50]n - which would mean that the v would use a velocity of 50 etc.

    Nick? Nuno? And thanks! This is funny and useful!

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    Re: VOTA and the utility - LOL!

    EXACTLY! Since it goes by syllables, sometimes you\'ll get a really hard consonant if you really only wanted a strong vowel.

    Of course... yeah... it might already be in there. I haven\'t really checked.

    Also, anyone have a suggestion for a software loopback for Win98? I don\'t have GOS/Maestro Tools...

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    Re: VOTA and the utility - LOL!

    Regarding the velocity, the utility already have that, using <>. In this case rRuv<50>n, that make the velocity value of \'v\' equal to 50 (you can use from 0 to 127)

    About loopback drivers, try to make a search in google with \"midi loopback\", and you will find some. There are for example the midi-yoke, i think that the midi-replicator (that do midi networking) also have this feature,...and you still have a hardware solution

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    Re: VOTA and the utility - LOL!

    Nuno, great!! Will try that. And thanks for this utility! BTW is there any way to RESET (load) text through a MIDI controller? That way you could type in a longer phrase and reset it in your MIDI sequence so it\'ll always start with the right syllable.

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