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Topic: VotA Utility Thanks

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    VotA Utility Thanks

    I am in Europe and haven\'t been near a computer for a couple of days. I just want to let everyone know how grateful I am to Nuno for writing the utility. When I sampled the choir, I had thoughts of some software that could help with this, but I dismissed the idea as ridiculous, too expensive to pay someone to do it, too difficult, etc... Version 1 of this utility is quite amazing and I still don\'t really know who Nuno is, how old he is, or much at all about him. All I can say is that the difficulty of word building without the utility has been hanging over my head, because I really don\'t like disappointing people. VotA is now a one of a kind library, thanks to Nuno.

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    Re: VotA Utility Thanks

    Yes, as one programmer-musician to another, an outstanding job in filling a huge need, and you opened the door to brand new possibilities. And you have given us quite an edge too with your involvement here. THANK YOU NUNO!

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    Re: VotA Utility Thanks

    I\'d like to share my thanks to both Nuno and Nick for supplying us with this utility. I\'ve only messed with this thing and not used it in an actual project, but can totally see how it will save any user time.

    I\'d also like to urge all who are even checking it out to thank both of these two. Even if you\'re only considering the library. Its this kind of support that I believe will encourage developers to go beyond just \"sampling\" and develop actual Giga Instruments for us.

    It may even promotoe the develop the idea of \"MIDI plug ins\" for The giga platform. This itself could open so many doors in playability and usability of a library.

    Even Email both of them and say thanks if you feel.

    I personally want to buy them both a beer [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: VotA Utility Thanks

    Yes, I want to offer my thanks also. Vota is beautiful all by itself. I was happy to hum along.... oooooh aaaah mm mm ehhhhh. Nice for chills up and down the spine. Nuno\'s work has opened up a door to another dimension of the library. The possibilities are astounding. By the way, I wonder if any of you have tried using it as a way of alternating playback of string samples (kind of a new, improved maestro tool -- is that what the utility for GOS is???) I\'m getting ready to try this with KHVirtuoso Strings.

    Heartfelt thanks to the two N\'s.

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    Re: VotA Utility Thanks

    When will we have a demo? I can\'t wait to hear some of what comes out of it...!

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    Re: VotA Utility Thanks

    Originally posted by eliam:
    When will we have a demo? I can\'t wait to hear some of what comes out of it...!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I second that!

    And, way to go Nuno!

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