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Topic: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

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    Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    The word building utility by Nuno F. is done. Unless he wants to make any tiny changes, it will be available for downloading from soundsonline.com on tuesday. There are 2 .art files also included which make the consonants work much better. You have to update the Mens Choir V.2 and the Womens Choir V.2 with these .art files. The utility will work well for many words without any effort!!!! Some words will require some effort and knowledge of the extremely flexible and simple code built into the program. It is still advisable to add some verb to the consonants, but eq is no longer neccesary. I am truly stunned how well this works. Also, please read the help file thoroughly atleast twice.

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    kick *** !!!

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    That\'s excellent - can\'t wait to try this out!

    Thanks to Nuno and Nick! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    The utility has been finalized (version 1). Maybe late tomorrow it will be up at soundsonline.com.
    Special Thanks to Nuno for his brilliant 4000 lines of code!!!!

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    It\'s done. I hope you all enjoy it, because i have.

    First, it\'s a project on internet days. I\'m from Portugal, Nick from USA, 7 hours difference in time fuse. I don\'t even know Nick\'s voice (we didn\'t talk any time, just mail exchange a lot), and thanks to this forum, the utility it\'s done. Some years ago this was impossible.

    Second, i think that the utility will help people. But the work is not ended, and everyone can help us to ajust even more the utility.

    Third, i think that having this king of utilities is the future of sampling. Maybe in the near future we could have utilities that make all the work. You write a kind of sheet music (with dynamics, expression, etc) and you have a full emulation of orchestra, having the utility to choose the right samples (stacatto, legato, etc...), saving all that time that we must spend do the get a real orchestra sound.

    Fourth, the utility was done to be simple to the begineer users, and powerfull to advanced ones (if you want get all from the application , you have to read the help end-to-end (it\'s only 5 or 6 pages), exchange mails you me, etc...)


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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    Power to the world wide web.

    I am an American living in Taiwan...wouldn\'t trade in the experiences I\'ve had outside of the US for anything. I know many people (including myself) around the world suffer from isolation and the narrow outlook it can cause.

    I simply get tickled when I see Swedes, Danes, Germans, Portugues, Chinese, etc communicating together on this forum. We hold a unique bond...humanity. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Congrats Nuno for having a talent for programming and thanks for sharing it with others...That\'s what this forum is about!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    Wow, this is great: can\'t wait to try it! Will there be an example to explain how to use it? I see above it says 5 or 6 pages of read.me, but an example would help too I think! Last time I was not getting it till Nick said something and I finally went \"Doh!\". A real simple example file (for words to be sung), a performance setup (or whatever is needed) and a short explanation would do to get started.

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    GOOD. Man, building words right now is impossible and time consuming. AWESOME!!

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    You need to read the read me for this to make sense. examples: you want the choir to sing \"rain is falling\", you type: reEn iz Fo lin
    or \"dreaming of god\", you type: min av gad or you might type: Ddr!E min avF Ggad

    Make sense?? It will when you read the read me. There is alot of room for creativity in the utility.
    let\'s say you want the word god. you can use both the non-pitched and the pitched consonants together- GgadD.You can even loop a consonant instantly by typing it multiple times-gggaddd. Read the read me and then re-read this post.

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    Re: Voices of the Apocalypse Utility is done!

    This is terrific news. I can sense some sleepless nights coming on. Thanks Nuno and Nick

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