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Topic: Help me!

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    Help me!

    Alright, I\'ve gone nuts about this. I was trying to load a previous project to work on my piece, and while it\'s loading the instruments, it restarts the computer. HELP?

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    Re: Help me!

    That sucks.
    As I always advise just in case, start by making sure you are using a recent version since the latest versions have bug fixes in them that are not in the early versions. Chances are, you do have the latest version though but it never hurts to check.
    Then, see if you can catch which instrument is loading when the restart happens. You might be able to narrow the problem down to some quirk in a particular instrument. I assume your are talking about a Giga Performance file. Also, you might try refreshing the entire database. You can even do a hard reset so to speak of the quicksound database by deleting the \"DB\" folder in the GigaStudio folder and restarting the GigaStudio and see if the problem goes away with a totally fresh database. This could be a known issue with Tascam so of course be sure to report it to them.
    Good luck
    David Govett

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    Re: Help me!

    If Dave\'s right and a sound has corrupted and is causing Giga to reset the PC, if you can remember what sounds you used on the project, maybe you can \'delete\' them one by one, attempting to load the project each time you\'ve removed one. With any luck you\'ll eventually load the performance without it being able to get at the corrupt file.

    If I remember rightly, someone once said they were able to \'read\' a performance file (in a kind of text view I suppose) and find out which instruments it contained.

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    Re: Help me!

    Aaron, if none of the above works, try this:

    Delete your DB folder in the Gigastudio directory. Shutdown. Reboot and load GS.

    This will cause your Quicksound DB to rebuild from scratch. I\'m not exactly sure why but this has helped me to solve a similar problem in the past.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Help me!

    What\'s DB?

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    Re: Help me!


    With DB they\'re referring to the Quicksound Database. You don\'t have to delete the database file to completely rebuild. Simply right-click on the drive in GS and you will see and option to refresh the QS database or an option to completely rebuild the Quicksound database. Choose the option to completely rebuild and then....wait while it does it\'s thing.

    I will agree with Dave that it sound like you may have a corrupt gig file in whic case you will have to replace the file with a fresh version.

    Quite often a remove and re- install of GS sometimes helps with general problems. On our Win 98 machines we\'ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we basically re-install windows every 6 months or so. It\'s a hassle but it seems to keep the GS machines happy(er).

    I hope you get your performance file loaded!


    Matt Mariano

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