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Topic: Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?

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    Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?

    Some of the older libraries at Sounds Online are described as Gigasampler (like AO), while newer ones are labeled as Gigastudio format (like VoTA). The older Gigasampler formats are fully compatible with the current Gigastudio out of the box, right?

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    Re: Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?

    And does it work the other way? Can you use libraries built for Gigastudio with Gigasampler? I only ask as someone asked me this awhile ago and I didn\'t know the answer.

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    Re: Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?


    The Scarbee bass libraries work just as fine in GigaSampler. The Giga format 2.0 are backwards compatible, but if you have programmed special details only available in 2.0 you just don\'t get those features in GigaSampler.


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    Re: Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?

    The Quantum Leap libraries that say Gigastudio do NOT work in gigasampler.

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    Re: Libraries: Gigasampler = Gigastudio?

    I\'m not 100% sure, but I\'m pretty confident that any library that works for gigasampler will plug into gigastudio just fine.

    I\'m not quite as confident about the reverse being true (gigastudio library -> gigasampler), but then again gigasampler is pretty much a buried animal. Most all giga users are using gigastudio, and those that aren\'t will most likely be upgrading to gigastudio in the future.

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