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Topic: Hammond Organs?

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    Hammond Organs?

    I need a live performance Hammond B3 for jazz, blues and R&B.

    I\'ve looked at Sonic Implants, whic sounds great, but doesn\'t have the registrations I need, and Sune\'s L100, which requires too many channels to operate effectively as a real-time B3. I don\'t need to change drawbar settings on the fly, just to switch patches from 1 organ to another, and it would be nice if there were a switchable \'Leslie\' equivalent, but not vital.

    So basically, what else is out there? B3 being what it is, I think I could even use Akai libraries effectively, but I can\'t find one. Suggestions anyone?

    My other choice is to continue to use my Hammond module or my V3 module (or my A100,) but I\'d really rather have it on hard disk (I guess I can sample my own when I have time...)


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    Re: Hammond Organs?

    Native Instruments B4, though you will need Cubase or Logic to run it.. Best Hammond B3 emulation anywhere!


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    Re: Hammond Organs?

    Agree..those lovely drawbars..check that McDuff preset......

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    Re: Hammond Organs?

    i agree, it\'s the very best B3 simulation, hands down.


    This is for a live gig rig. I need one computer (1.8 GHz P4, 2 HDDs, to play Giga (16 channels) a sequencer (with one stereo audio vocal BG track as well as the MIDI tracks) and conceivably an external 16 channel midi module PLUS play-along midi controller playing one channel of Giga.

    Is that even POSSIBLE? [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Sounds like a LOT of work to me...


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    Re: Hammond Organs?

    NI B4 also works as stand alone so in that way you will not need a very powerfull computer compared if you load it from Cubase

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    Re: Hammond Organs?

    Yes, just to add to that, The NI B4 is extremely efficient in standalone mode. I could run it with satisfying results on PII 300, and I can\'t say that about any other softsynth except the now defunct Reality. If your soundcard supports ASIO, sub-5ms latency is easily achievable. And again, you DON\'T need a VST host like Cubase or Fruity Loops to run it (but if you WANT to run it simultaneously with other VSTi softsynths, check out an app called Massiva--30 bucks and pretty darn effective as a VST host).

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    Re: Hammond Organs?

    I\'m used to running ine pplication per machine, with an occasional leap into a second (for example, I\'ll run my Mac sequencer (DP) to control several Giga channels, and the sound output from Giga is mixed back into Cool Edit running on the same machine as Giga (and that\'s a PII 333.)

    But that seems quite different than running 16 channels of Gigastudio, some as-yet-undetermined sequencer and B4 all at the same time.

    Is it just me? (I hope so...) Can I actually do all this with reasonable latency (sub-10ms) on a P4 1.8GHz box and still play live either a Giga channel OR the B4 without the whole thing melting into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West? [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]
    I just don\'t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a piece of software that can\'t be a part of the live system-I already have two Hammond organs, I just can\'t reach the piano and the organ at the same time...



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