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Topic: Bosendorfer Imperial Version 2.3 Upgrade

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    Bosendorfer Imperial Version 2.3 Upgrade

    I have just completed a mass emailing of the version 2.3 articulation file to all of our sampled Bosendorfer Imperial customers who have purchased the Bosendorfer Imperial in Giga format from Bardstown Audio.

    \"King Idiot,\" though he really and truly is not an idiot.. (he is the complete opposite of being an idiot), did most of the programming on this version 2.3 articulation upgrade for the Bosendorfer Imperial. I would like to express my gratitude to him for his talented abilities and skills on this.

    This version 2.3 upgrade patch adds quiet a few additional articulation patches to the already existing fourteen articulation patches of version 2.2 of the Bosendorfer Imperial. These new additional articulation patches primarily address two different things... For people who like a sampled piano to be more evenly and consistently voiced with hammer felts that have hardly any variation of hardness or softness from note to note, you can select any of the new instrument patches that indicate \"Full Map 2.\" These new \"Full Map 2\" patches address certain notes that tended to be a bit brighter on the attack. People who would prefer the real sound on each and every note of this Bosendorfer Imperial as it really is, will possibly prefer the original existing patches over the new patches. Also, for people such as myself who like a sampled piano to have velocity settings set with higher settings, in order to give more of the feel of a real piano keyboard where you can really lay into the keyboard controller with force before triggering the louder velocities, you can select any of the new instrument patches that indicate \"Heavy.\" And for people who want both of these new features, there are instrument patches that have both \"Heavy\" and \"Full Map 2.\"

    All of the original instrument patches that were included with version 2.2 are also included with this new version 2.3 upgrade.

    In the process of emailing these articulation upgrades, Outlook Express crashed on me several times. If anyone failed to receive this version 2.3 upgrade, let me know and I will immediately re-send it to you.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Version 2.3 Upgrade

    I have had a few customers who are running Outlook Express version 6 report to me that they are unable to open a compressed file with a .exe extension, so they were therefore unable to expand this upgraded version 2.3 articulation file for the Bosendorfer Imperial.

    In order to remedy this problem and with the help and advice from one of my customers, I have sent this same compressed articulation version 2.3 upgrade as a .rar file, instead of a .exe file.

    If anyone is having a problem with Outlook Express version 6 on this Bosendorfer upgrade, let me know and I will gladly send you this same articulation upgrade file compressed with a .rar extension, which can be expanded with WinRAR which is a free download, or most likely even with Win Zip or Zip Magic as well. Stuffit Expander on a Macintosh will also extract a compressed WinRAR file.

    Bardstown Audio

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