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Topic: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

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    John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    I\'ve been trying to get in touch with Alexander Publishing but they never return emails. Kinda like Tascam I guess [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyway, before I place an order (which I\'m SURE they\'ll get...) I\'d like to know if any of you guys have any of the following scores:

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    I\'d love to hear from someone with these scores because there is no information on the website about which cues are offered and if the sheet music is the original music (so I can follow the score on CD while reading the sheet music) or re-arranged/re-edited to fit the movie (which would be a little annoying)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    I don\'t have those particular scores Thomas but I did order the Star Wars suite a few weeks ago. I didn\'t order it from Alexander Publishing because of their lack of information and high delivery price. I got it form Ryan\'s place which is actually sheetmusiconline.com I think and it arrived just two days total from my original order date! And I\'m in England btw.

    Its great and is exactly the same as the original orchestrations on the Star Wars soundtrack CDs.

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    Great, thanks Hasen. I\'ll look into that address. Try and get some more information there, could be different from score to score you know [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    I have a bunch of them and they rock. I got Star Wars, Schindlers list, ET,Lost World and now I have Harry Potter. The Harry Potter is the most complete one I have seen and it actually follows the CD sound track very closely on it\'s cues. It has some real thick orchestrations too. I got it from Alexander as a pre order and got it when it became available. Some of the scores are very annoying in that they don\'t always follow the sound tracks like the ET suite. You have to get hold of a special John Williams\\Speilberg collaboration CD for it. In general though, they are cut to the audio CD and not to the film in my experience.
    I\'ll check in with Peter and make sure he sees this post.

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    I just called AP and their email has been down for a while so they will get back to you as soon as it\'s up.
    You can also call them at (310) 559-3779
    I\'m sure they can address the pricing and shipping time issues also.

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    I also have several of them, Star Wars, JFK, and The Olympic Spirit.. all quite good. You could also look into getting information on them from the www.halleonard.com

    I\'m probably going to pick up one or both of the Harry Potter scores, can anyone comment on which would be better to have if I could just get one? My understanding is that the \"children\'s\" version is one big long suite, whereas the other is seperate \"movements\" if you will and has each in it\'s entirity. Correct me if I\'m wrong!

    Incidentally, I picked up a different score for Harry Potter, arranged by Jerry Brubaker, Belwin Full Orchestra Concert Level.... costed $9, and it\'s exceptional! Who knew such a cheap score would follow the original (more or less) so well, without being watered down.

    Speaking of watered down, I also picked up Hal Leonard\'s \"Titanic Suite.\" It\'s far less like the original score as compared to the J.W. counterparts, IMHO. Even though it has lots of synth parts scored, and some very unique percussion toys (read: Crushed glass!), it just struck me as an average \"arrangement\", despite claiming to be a Horner original. That said, there are some nice moments.

    And Lastly - ThomasJ, is there a Hook deluxe score? That would be so cool! I haven\'t seen it listed anywhere, do you know something I don\'t? (Well obviously, look at your music.. hehe) Or is this an arranged version you are looking into?

    My my my, didn\'t mean it to be so lengthy!

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    Originally posted by Thomas_J:
    I\'ve been trying to get in touch with Alexander Publishing but they never return emails. Kinda like Tascam I guess [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">1. We received ONE e-mail from you.

    2. Our e-mail has been down for several days, hence, we\'ve been unable to respond until today.

    3. Our shipping costs are based directly on USPS or FedEx International Economy. When shipping outside the US, we require a mechanism that enables both the customer and us to track the order to assure that both the item was shipped and delivered. We also insure the item. This is a matter of both safety and integrity since buying online is a great vote of confidence. For international orders, this is also important if the item is paid for by credit card. If we cannot track the order and verify delivery, we do NOT ship it internationally.

    4. Close Encounters is now available. It\'s a work adapted for concert that I believe was recorded on the Sony CD \"Spielberg/Williams Collaboration,\" with excerpts running 9\'47\". However, there is no information in the score about this.

    5. There is no information from either Hal Leonard or within the scores to give additional information. Most of the time, the scores available are either the end credits or main title. Cues are NOT available. In the case of Phantom Menace, much of the suite follows the soundtrack.

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    The other problem I had with ordering from Alexander University was when I was filling in the order form it wouldn\'t take no for an answer as far as the two letter state part was concerned.

    If I just put any old thing in it let me through to the next page but the whole thing didn\'t fill me with confidence as an international customer.

    So I just got it from Ryan\'s place and it arrived in a couple of days. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    Ok thank you very much for your reply, Alexander. I have sent 2 emails. One a few months ago, and the other one last week.

    Thank you for clearing up everything. Sounds like a sweet deal. I think I want that close encounters suite afterall. I have that suite on CD so it\'s going to be fun. It\'s one of my favorite Williams scores, ever!

    David: Thanks for your help! looks like they are as great as I was hoping [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Your warning regarding E.T is appreciated!

    Aenigma: Hehe! I have heard rumours of a real copy of the full hook score (sheetmusic), including all the original cues from the original recording sessions! Of course this is a \'bootleg copy\' and only a few people have it. I should think it\'s pretty close to impossible to get hold of. If you\'re talking about the expanded hook score, then yes, there is a 3 cd ultimate hook bootleg out there, I have heard. I don\'t know about the sheet music, though. The deluxe version is probably bigger and has more music =)

    Thanks to everyone,

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    Re: John Williams study scores... Anyone have any?

    Yes, Thomas, I was referring to the paper conductor\'s score. I was hoping that Hal Leonard would release Hook, but maybe someday they will.

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