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Topic: OT- New MOTU/Mackie Control for DP!

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    OT- New MOTU/Mackie Control for DP!

    Cool news for us Digital Performer users. Looks like Mackie has made a control surface for DP (actually looks exactly like the one they made for Emagic, except the MOTU is black......anyone out there using a Mackie d8b with gigastudio, or DP?

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    Re: OT- New MOTU/Mackie Control for DP!

    Absolutely! I think it\'s a great combination, especially with the HDR24/96. I record live tracks to the HDR, comp tracks there, then transfer to DP for final mixdown/FX, etc. Giga tracks I first record MIDI, then run the midi file and record to DP. It\'s a bit labor intensive, but that will change when my new dedicated Giga box gets here (about two weeks.) I\'ll be able to transfer ADAT 8 tracks at once, rather than just S/PDIF.

    But I\'m still on 2.7, don\'t want to purchase another Mac (currently I\'m running a B&W G3 with 400MHz G4 card.)

    Anyway, I don\'t have ROOM for another controller in my room (check out the studio pix at the Soundsmith webiste ) without losing somthing...


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