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Topic: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

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    Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    I just received VOTA this morning and man is it a blast! Just in time too!!! I found out today that I didn\'t win the TCM Young Film Composers Contest [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] , so it was a great pick me up to have VOTA arrive. Ya can\'t help but smile when playing such wonderful samples. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Thank you, Nick!

    I did make the top ten, for which I am very thankful...but now it\'s back to the drawing board (or should I say GS) to make some new music to lift my spirits.

    PS-Any news on when the word building utility is coming out?

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    I heard the finalist music today. Good song, poor virtual orchestra. Maybe it was the low band. Ah, yute.


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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    Those are last years (2001) Finalists on the YFCC site. The ones from this year are much better...albeit far from perfect. The level did seem to rise from last years entries.

    Here\'s a link to my entry on MP3.com (If the link doesn\'t work just go to MP3.com and search Lance Lathrop).

    http://play.mp3.com/cgi-bin/play/play.c gi/AAIBQqYQIwDABG5vcm1QLAAAAFIA2QUAUQEAAABDSZYaPXfGxM OazyXqrhylHO1nv8g-/Nosferatu_The_Trance.m3u

    Unfortunately mine is not mixed as well as I would like...I heard about the contest rather late and didn\'t have much time and the mix was the poorer for it. It\'s only a single pass of TC Native reverb and the panning is just MIDI panning. Let me know whatcha think...I can also email the video clip to anyone who is interested.

    The 2002 clips should be up on the YFCC site pretty soon though.

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    I wanted join, but I\'m too young. (17)

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    You\'ll be 18 next year and then you can tear up all us old guys!!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    I entered the contest and never made it past the entry level.

    I can\'t enter next year because I will be too old.

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    YAY! Tearing it up! hahahaha! Naw, I compose music, but scoring to video is a different story. I gotta practice practice.

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    Download the video clips from this years contest and get practicing! The link to YFCC is above...I think you\'ll have a lot of fun with it and you\'ll be better prepared for next year.

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    The vota utility will apear very soon... before you expect [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Drowning my sorrows in VOTA!!!

    Thanks for the update Nuno!!!

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