I\'ve noticed that people want the option of mono versions of their instruments. They also want usable reverb out-of-box. It appears the best way to do this is layering pre-processed versions of the same instruments across the various GS ports.

Or there is the NFX reverb, but there have been some comments about mediocre sound quality. [Which is quite forgivable; I use the NFX as a placeholder during sequencing, which really helps my imagination.]

My concern is how to process the reverb for mono versions of instruments. It would seem that the use of any reverb or stereo-based effects would be bad for the customer down the road, just as it would be to print such effects while tracking. As such I don\'t think developers would want to do that damage in order to make the mono samples more immediately usable.

Yet the question remains on how to keep the mono instruments on par with stereo ones, in terms of out-of-box effects.

It seems the solution is a combination. That said, would it be acceptable to have NFX (GSP) presets for all instruments, with the stereo versions gaining additional quality via instrument layers (of professional effects)?

This way, every situation gets the vital stereo information. Which is design call, as is anything deemed \"out-of-box\".