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Topic: New GM Library

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    New GM Library

    I just purchased this library from www.sampletoon.com and it\'s amaizing.
    The complete General Midi collection for $49.

    It sounds awesome.

    I do not work for them or advertize them to this forum. I\'m just happy that I could finaly find
    whole GM bank that actualy sounds good.


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    Re: New GM Library

    Oh yeah, this one sold me right away : http://www.sampletoon.com/apps/songs/mp3/orchestra.mp3


    (on a serious note though, $50 is a pretty good deal for a complete GM set and the piano is much better than most GM synths out there!)


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    Re: New GM Library

    LOL !

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    Re: New GM Library

    Awesome indeed.

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    Re: New GM Library

    I particularly like the way the repeated notes are so natural and nothing like a Kalashnikov Ak-47. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: New GM Library

    How did you come into www.sampletoon.com This URL seems not to work. I tried several times
    from different computers and connections?

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    Re: New GM Library

    It works Ok.

    Maybe something was wrong with your connection.


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    Re: New GM Library

    Sampletoon.com , now offers free gigs in download section.

    Check it out!

    Jackie Lee

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    Re: New GM Library

    Hmmm that orchestra demo (lol Thomas_J) composition I heard before... but can\'t recall where? Included with my Sound Blaster perhaps? Anyone know where? I feel like it\'s on the tip of my tongue*...

    * is this an official English expression?

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    Re: New GM Library

    LOL Alex your funny. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Havn\'t heard the library yet but would love to pick it up sometime when we\'re in your area.
    Did you use Massey or Roy Thompson Hall
    PaPa Chalk

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