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Topic: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

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    Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    Hello all,

    I need to re-create that big drum sounds from a military marching band. You know, when 80 guys are hitting their snares at the same time. I also need the bass drums!

    Does anyone know where I can find something like that?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    I think Donnie has a marching drums set. Check it out at his site as I don\'t know the details.

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!


    Check out www.dssoundware.com . There\'s an excellent marching battery library there at a very reasonable price. I\'ve had good luck with this library and QLB for mock-ups of my arrangements for my band.

    Here\'s an example:

    Good luck!


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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    Thanks for the link Eric, I checked out the demos but they really don\'t do it for me. I really need a huge snares sound, kinda like what you would hear in a Zimmer score (like The Rock) or the opening for the 20th Century Fox logo. The demos just didn\'t seem to have any more impact than I can already get with what I have.

    I\'ll try layering a bunch of different orchestral snares from different libraries and hopefully I\'ll get something reminiscent of what I\'m trying to achieve.

    Thanks though!

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    NO library currently available can do those.

    Its not that it cant be done in samples, its jsut that no developer has tried to give us those sounds.

    I can get pretty fat snares by editing LOP\'s snares at the sample level (compression EQ,Reverb, Compression, sample edit...in somewhat that order)

    I DON\'T BELIEVE this is possible without sample editing tho. I\'ve tried my damndest and it jsut sounds like poop. Meaning I\'ve tried lots of signal chaining after the fact, but its never tight and loud enough. Editing the samples allows me to tighten the actual attacks up.

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    Thanks King!

    Well...there you go developers....a new idea for a sample library! Maybe Nick\'s upcoming hollywood percussion will have something of the sort!

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    OO ohhhh, THOSE kind of \"marching band\" drums. No, you don\'t want the marching battery, then.

    I misunderestimated the kind of sound you were lookin\' for.


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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    Check some of the old posts, someone posted some .wav samples they had recorded, \"Volcano\" Snares and Bass. They are simply huge, and despite having only 4 snare samples (only 3 that I actually use), if you map them to 3 different keys, say C, D, and E... you can play in the 20th century rolloff, and all kinds of rudiments, flams, rolls, etc, etc, etc. They may be what you are looking for.

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    Thanks Aenigma, I\'ll do a search for those! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Need help with Marching Band Drums!

    what\'s worked for me is something pretty obvious, but the simplest way can be best. Do your first snare track the way you want it. Then simply copy the track to as many other tracks on diff midi channels as you want (I\'ve done 6 or 7 and with the right efx it seems to be plenty). Then just offset each track slightly, a couple tx or so and stagger the tunings of the drums and voila!
    hope this helps!
    My reason for this simplicity is that I\'ve never seen any samples that even come close, so why waste time going nuts loading weak samples and being frustrated!

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