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Topic: VoTA set-up for newbies

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    VoTA set-up for newbies

    Hopefully I am not the only one having a problem getting the utility to work.

    I have the gigs updated with the new.art files. I have the new utility successfully loaded. I have read the help file a couple of times, but it doesn\'t give me SPECIFIC information on \'how to\' set up Settings/Hardware Routing (Midi to Midi out Mapping?) within Gigastudio.

    For those of you who have successfully gotten it to work, please help the rest of us newbies in getting it going with a step by step of how route it.

    As it suggests in the help file, I have loaded the vowels on Port 1 - channels 1-8 (with cons. on 9/10). My seqencer is set to channel 1 (port 1). Just can\'t get Giga to \'see\' the midi signal. Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies

    in the utility, go to midi setup, and choose the midi-in port where you want to send the notes, and choose the Nemesys ports as midi out ports. If you gona use only one voice, just activate the first midi out.

    If you receive a error about midi in port, then it\'s because you are already using that port in other application, go to that application and close that midi in port (for example you could be using that midi in port in gigastudio, so you must change that).

    If you are using a sequencer (and maybe this is your case), you must use a loopback connection (by software or hardware). Check the help topic \"using sequencer programs\" to see your choices.

    If you want a hardware solution, connect one midi out port of your sound card to a midi-in port, and configure you system like this:
    midi out port (the one connected to midi in port)

    - Utility
    IN: midi in port (the one connected to midi out port)

    OUT: Nemesys Port 1

    - Gigastudio

    Hope this help...

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies


    Thanks for the reply. I must say I am still a little confused about the loop feature.

    I am running the sequencer program Cubase SX (seperate computer). My midi interface is Midex8.

    My midi interface for Giga is a miditermimal (where I have midi cables coming into 1 thru 3).

    Knowing this set-up, can you give me any additional information to get this going. Sorry for all the help needed. Hopefully there are many others that are as clueless as me on Gigastudio that would benefit from your reply.

    Again, thanks in advance.

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies

    How many midi inputs and outputs do you have in the midi interface of the pc running gigastudio?

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies

    Some questions (to give you a full solution)
    - Midex 8 is on cubase or gigastudio?
    - How many midi ins and outs have the other pc?
    - What do you usually connect the 2 pcs?

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies


    Thanks. Here are my answers:

    - Midex 8 is on Cubase. Miditerminal is on Giga.
    Here\'s how I have it patched (ofcourse, working to date)
    I have my keyboard controller, midi out sent to Midex 8 midi in - channel 1. I have midi cables from the Midex 8\'s out, channels 1 thru 3, routed to the Giga\'s Miditerminal interface - in 1-3 (I have been using ports 1-3 in Giga to date.) The other midex8 midi out channels are routed to other synths.

    -The Midex has 8 ins/outs. The Miditerminal has 4 ins/outs

    - Hopefully this explains how the computers are connected (via midi)

    Just as a note. When I play a note on the keyboard controller I see \'activity\' (in and out) on Cubase. Giga is not receiving these notes, though. Infact, I cannot even \'play the giga\' samples with the mouse.

    Hopefully this is the information you need. Don\'t hesitate to ask any additional questions. Nuno, I appreciate all you are doing on this Board and with VoTA. I can\'t wait to get your utlility going.

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies

    As you can imagine there are several solutions to do this... In your case, since the sequencer it\'s on a diferent machine, even better (you don\'t need loopback).

    Utility in gigastudio pc, go to midi setup and choose miditerminal in1 as midi input, and nemesys port 1 as midi out (If you receive a error regarding midi in, go to gigastudio and remove miditerminal input 1 from the routing page)
    Now, every note sent by cubase on midex8 output1 goes to the utility. Since i\'m not very familiary with cubase, i don\'t know exacly what you must do to use the keyboard to play the text (it\'s the same like you do to play sounds directly on gigastudio).

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies


    Thanks for the info. I have to run to a meeting but I\'ll try this later this afternoon. Thanks again.

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies

    Just in case I still have a problem tonight (when Nuno\'s likely getting his \'2 hours\' of rest) - Anyone else out there using giga and sequencer on seperate computers having problems setting up the new utility (King / Nick?).

    I wouldn\'t think it matters that I am using SX w/Midex8 (PC) and Giga w/miditerminal (PC). Thanks in advance.

    Having this \'modeling\' tool is absolutely the most exciting thing happening right now with the giga libraries. It will be make a good library flat out outstanding!

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    Re: VoTA set-up for newbies

    My VOTA utility has some problems.

    08:40 PM EDT

    1) I use a Stodiologic Keyboard 880 into a MIDI
    TIMEPIECE MTP AV Port 1/ Midi Channel 1.
    2) I configured VOTA UTILITY with MIDI IN \"Port 1 on MTAV\" and MIDI OUT \"Nemesys Midi Out: Port1\"
    3) I loaded the Mens Choir (version 2.1) into GS as suggested.
    4) I wrote a text in the UTILITY such as \"SSAANCTUUS\" and loaded it.
    5) When I play on the keyboard I hear the \"ZZ\" in the beginning and some transition from the \"aa\" to the \"uu\" but it seems more a random process than a word building.
    6) But I get a lot of MIDI NOTE hang ups. About 5-10 notes hang after playing one minute. It seems that notes going through the UTILITY are not as clearly streaming as when I go from the Keyboard direct to GS.

    I tried several variations, to start the utility first and then the GS and also the opposite way.
    It creates the same effect.
    9:10 PM EDT

    I used \"ss!aanNC!CTT!uuuuss!\" for SANCTUS which produces a quite good word building but the MIDI
    NOTE HANG UP is worse and happens for every note\"

    I\'m wondering if I did something wrong?
    Studiologic Keyboard 880
    Motu Tiempiece Midi Interface
    P4 2.2 GHz with Layla 24
    Windows XP home, GS160

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