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Topic: OT: Gst2.5, Win XP etc.

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    OT: Gst2.5, Win XP etc.

    Sorry to put this completely off-topic posting here, but this is the most active part of the forum...
    Now that Cubase SX is out and apparently worth an upgrade, I wonder what the deal is with Gigastudio 2.5
    and Win XP. I run Giga and the sequencer on the same machine and it seems that CubaseSX requires Win2K or XP.

    * Does Giga2.5 absolutely require a GSIF-compatible sound card (/driver) ?
    * Can you use it with, say, 2GB of RAM without the extremely slow loading of gig files you get in with the Win98 versions?
    * Any other comments on the WinXP, Giga2.5, CubaseSX combination?
    * Is anyone using a pre-2.5 version of Gst with Windows XP?

    Any replies would be much appreciated!

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    Re: OT: Gst2.5, Win XP etc.

    Using 2.5 on XP and love it, most stable my comp has ever been.

    I haven\'t tried using a non-gsif compatible card with it, so I can\'t say for sure if it absolutley wouldn\'t work, but it is listed as a requirment. I\'m using a Delta 4/4 on the giga machine atm.

    I use 1GB or ram and the loading times are speedy-speedy, way faster than 98 using only 512.

    I haven\'t tried SX on the same machine as my giga setup, I \"demo\'d\" an early edition and really liked it, but haven\'t had the funds to aquire it for real yet, so still using my legal 5r3 on the sequencing machine (which works just fine on XP, despite what windows tells you when you install it). SX rulz tho from what I\'ve seen playing around with it, loads of common sense improvements over previous versions, I can\'t wait to get it, just gotta find a good student discount... on the discounted upgrade price... yeah I\'m some broke student [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    My current glory-story regarding XP and v2.5: I had both comps running with giga open and stable for 4 days without exiting, rebooting, etc. I just turned monitors off to head to class, came back and continued working. Absolutley beautiful! I decided when I was done, not some blasted blue-screen.

    Anyway, the only issue I\'ve found so far with xp and Giga has to do with network issues if you\'re using MidiReplicator, seems there are some delays.

    I recomend the upgrade to both XP, and 2.5 - a very, very well done combo imo.

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    Re: OT: Gst2.5, Win XP etc.

    You must use a GSIF card for GigaStudio in WinXP.

    At this time it appears that GigaStudio can\'t use more than 1GB of memory in XP. There have been many posts on this especially in the Tascam forum.

    My performances seem to take twice as long to load in Win XP versus Win 98. The program takes about 4 times longer to load when started after rebooting the computer. Overall Win XP is more stable the Win 98.

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    Re: OT: Gst2.5, Win XP etc.

    Sounds great. Thanks for replying!!

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