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Topic: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

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    Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    Hello, I am new to your wonderful forum here and I was just curious about these 2 CD\'s... Do you all like them? I hope so because I just Bought them.. not to say that I am impulsive :-)

    Just wanted to know what your thoughts on these 2 were?


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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    Can\'t go wrong with anything programmed by Eric Persing....

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    I have DR2. Something I\'ve noticed about Persing products are that you\'ll get what you hear in the demos; no tricky stuff here.

    So if those impressed you, you\'ll be perfectly happy with your purchase.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    DR1 and 2 are getting worn out in our studio...
    Thomas Scarbee loves his Metamorphosis from what I hear.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    Any comments on Liquid Grooves?

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    I\'m just in the process of buying \"Fingerstyles\" from Ilio \'cause I need some realistic fingerpicking goodies. Not really related to loops but I did want to bring up the fact that I think they put out great stuff. They are very consistant in their quality and sound, I would reccomend any of their house brand CD\'s or the Spectrasonic ones.

    Liquid grooves sounds great too, I would reccomend the Groove Control disks \'cause they can come in handy if you need to tempo match some stuff!

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    The only problem with the Persing stuff is that because it\'s generally so top notch you tend to hear it everywhere. The Groove Control stuff with Metamorphosis is great for adding flexibility. I think Stylus(his new loop soft synth) has a large pool of samples to work with so you can get a lot of variety out of it as well.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    Well I got both CD\'s today and Man o Man... I am going to get lost real quick in these.

    Thanks for all the insight!!!!

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    All I can say about DR2 and Metamorphosis is GREAT STUFF! DR2 has fantastic sounds for ambient fills and other great textures. Check out the ambient metals patches. Very cool [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    The only downside to DR1 and DR2 is that you hear it everywhere nowadays, but nonetheless I still love these libraries and for demos they are great to use.

    For the price, Metamorphosis is a steal. The options are endless. You can use any loop at whatever tempo you\'d like via groove control or mix any loop within the library with another loop.
    Another plus is that all the loops loop perfectly in your sequencer. You also get the individual hits from each loop in the groove control menu.

    I think you will be very pleased with these 2 libraries [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Distorted Reality 2 and Metamorphosis

    What are the benefits of the Giga version of Metamorphosis or DR rather than just getting the audio loops? Seems that they would be just as useful in Sonar or Acid.

    -- Martin

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