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Topic: Drum n' bass samples?

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    Drum n\' bass samples?

    I wanna know where I can find some real nice drum n\' bass samples at. I want drum samples that I could really create some fast smooth drum rythms and some lo fi basses.

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?


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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?


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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    Not too many Giga people do drum and bass stuff. You will have more luck researching the akai and roland libraries.

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    Although it\'s not a sample library...I have one word for you Reason. It will make all your drum and bass dreams come true...well maybe I\'m overstating, but you get the drift.

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    I mean some multisamples.

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    There\'s really not very much out there in the way of multisamples for DnB. You\'re gonna have to do it the old fashioned way, with hardware synths and drum machines...However, there are some cool software synths/drum machines, etc. that will do the trick for cheap. I would pickup Waldorf Attack. It\'s got great drum sounds as well as bass sounds, although it\'s on the synth side of things. If you\'re wanting live DnB stuff...you\'re pretty much outta luck unless you use loops or record your own samples to trigger.

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    Aaron, there was a library out a while back around 1997 or so called \"Pitbull Jungle\" that had a bunch of drum n bass multisampled kits.

    I did a search on it a few weeks ago and couldn\'t find it anywhere though. I don\'t remember who made it, but at the time when drum n bass was pretty new and fresh, this was a CD that many D&B producers used for drum kits.

    There is a CD in akai format called \"Drum n Bass Resonance\" that has individual loops with tons of multisampled snares and bass drums, etc. It is a construction kit CD as well, but has the individual hits from the loops also. This is the only one I can think of at the moment. Soundsonline has it. Made by Ueberschall.

    You can always cut up individual snares and bass drums, etc and make jungle kit gig files out of them [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Also, check out soundsonline and look for \"Flashtrackz\" in akai format. This is a more newer CD and would most likely have more current D&B sounds. It is a construction kit CD as well, but might have individual hits also. Not to sure. Probably call soundsonline and ask them.

    Another fairly new one is \"Total Drum n Bass\". Don\'t know much about this one though or what formats are available.

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    Some great tips! Thanks

    What Drumsamples or Software/Hardware Drum synths would you recommend for that ecletic Deep Forest/Enigma type Drum sounds? That ethnic/ type heavy bass. I like these two groups Drums and Rhytms.

    Any ideas on which ones, as I am doing a cover of Enigma /Saddness.

    Please shed some light it is dark in here!

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    Re: Drum n\' bass samples?

    get Dance Mega Drumkits cd...it has around 500 kits, mostly recycled choped up loops turned in to drum kits...Hip Hop, DnB , House, trance..etc..
    All in all great samples if you like to make your own loops...
    The only problem with it is that it\'s a complete mess....there is no index or category or even names for programs...
    but still it\'s dirt cheap and LOTs of great samples..
    if you want loops and construction stuff...\"Total DnB\" would be my choise...
    oh and get Yamah AN1X for those ripping sub basses..(if you do, you will be the second person that I talked in to geting AN1X, and then Yamaha should send me fully expanded RS7000 for reward..LOL!)


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