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Topic: Sequencers - tempo changes in realtime

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    Sequencers - tempo changes in realtime

    Could anyone tell me if any of the sequencers/notation programs can record tempo changes in realtime from an assigned controller on a keyboard. The old Steinberg pro24 I had could, but I don\'t know if any of the current programs can. You could simultaneously hear playback temp change as you record. Certainly many programs can change tempo manually by changing a graphic tempo window or editing events manually, or I understand a metronome tap in Logic.


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    Re: Sequencers - tempo changes in realtime

    Digital Performer allows you to assign the tempo control to say a mod wheel, and then record the change in real-time. It\'s a very handy feature, I would guess Logic and VST have similiar features.

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    Re: Sequencers - tempo changes in realtime

    Thanks midiphase. I\'ll check out digital performer. I had a look on the Cubase VST 32 demo version but find it hard going trying to find out if it can or can\'t.

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