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Topic: Big Fish Audio's "London" series

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    Big Fish Audio\'s "London" series


    We will be releasing a solo string library soon (end of summer) in our London series. This whole series, like the orchestral percussion edition, is designed to absolutely be the best library in that particular genre. I can\'t give away to many secrets about this project right now but I can tell you that nothing else out there (or for that matter IS coming out soon) will have these features.


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    Re: Big Fish Audio\'s "London" series

    Sounds cool Donnie!

    What\'s the deal with the \"london\" tag?
    I take it you\'re not using LSO\'s venue, or LSO players?

    I thought you were american :-)

    Just curious, why \"London\"?


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    Re: Big Fish Audio\'s "London" series


    Good to hear from you! How did you recording project go?

    The name \"London\" refers to the type or style of sound we are going for in \"this\" series. The London Symphony right now is the big orchestra to use on movie sound tracks and thats the \"sound\" we are going for.

    Hope this clears things up!


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    Re: Big Fish Audio\'s "London" series

    Ah thanks for the explanation, Donnie. That\'s the sound we all love [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    The recording session had to be postponed due to massive amounts of school work but now school\'s out including exams and concerts. I\'ve talked to the musicians and we\'re all set for next week. I\'m pretty sure I won\'t be able to nail the sound I\'m looking for the first day (or even at all) but it\'s worth a try. I won\'t be sampling in a hall (but in a rehearsal room) so that might be a bit of a problem. I\'m going to try both far and close mic setups. See what works out best for me.

    Will get back to you when I\'ve nailed the first takes.


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    Re: Big Fish Audio\'s "London" series


    Wait a minute, I\'m confused. Donnie started this thread with the announcement of an upcoming library, but now Thomas is saying he\'s about to start sampling?

    Thomas: What are you sampling, and is it a personal project or one we can all get our grubby hands on??!

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    Re: Big Fish Audio\'s "London" series

    Great News! The timing is also good. I can use these on my third film!

    Will this collection have the same basic articulations as \'Dan Dean\'s solo strings\'(for example)?

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