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Topic: My first demo using the GOS strings.

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    My first demo using the GOS strings.

    I did this a while back while I was new to the library. For the fun of it, I took the score to Schinler\'s list and made an attempt to re-create it without the sound track, just the score and this is the result. It\'s pretty close but a bit louder than the real recording and the solo violin, as nice as it is, just doesn\'t compare to Pearlman. I\'m hoping Gary\'s Solo violins will be closer to what is needed. I will replace this solo violin with his once they are available. Then all the instruments will by by Gary. Right now, they use his strings ensembles and harp along with the miroslav solo violin for the time being.
    Let me know what you think.
    Go to www.davidgovett.com and go to the demo page.
    Can\'t miss it. I\'m now working on a huge full orchestra demo that will blow your mind. After that, I will revamp and compose some original music and share that. For now, as I experiment with the new libraries and get back in composing shape, I\'m using existing scores and sound tracks to practice and experiment and nail the realistic sound.
    David Govett

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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    Just fantastic Dave. It\'s great to hear how realistic the GOS library can sound with such an emotional piece of music, you are the GIGA guru without a doubt.

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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.


    Wonderful GOS ensemble demo. Share with the rest of us how you got the strgs so smooth (EQ/Warmth/Tender???/ which sample (s).)

    Wonderful demo.

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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    Actually that tune (the shindler\'s list peice) was done with the original release version before any of the updates came out. All it uses is the Expressive Vibrato violins (1st and 2nd)violas and cellos and the Grand Detache of the violins, violas and cellos. The tune doesn\'t have any basses written in the score. 6 instruments total. I used the up and down detache as much as possible and used the expressive for the long bows. The solo violin is one of the Detache samples from Miroslav. A little NemeSys reverb and panning and thats about it. I\'m not a master engineer and I tend to mess things up if I start tweaking the eqs and compressing and other effects. I have had the best luck with simple reverb, volume and pan and that seems to work since the real orchestras work the same way. I\'ll boost the bass frequencies a tiny bit on low strings and percussion but not much else. Also, we must not forget that on that particular peice, we have the master arranging skills of John Williams and I must say, his arrangements really shine with good string libraries. Last but not least, I had not figured out the Maestro Tools at that point so it can probably be improved a bit later with the string attack masking. Right now, I\'m using the lull in work to organize my orchestral samples and look forward to one more huge score mockup and then on to some original music. I\'ll post it when I get it done.
    Thanks for the feedback. Take care

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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    I\'m using existing scores and sound tracks to practice and experiment and nail the realistic sound.[/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi,

    I must say that your recreation is great, and very realistic!
    Also, I am eagerly awaiting for your tutorial set to come out. I hope it has some good info on how to make your performance more expressive (controllers, attack-release tweaking?).
    I am awfully new to the world of computer music in general, and I really appreciate your efforts in doing some good tutorials that EVEN I [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] could understand, without sacrificing depth.


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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    This is A1. The ensemble violins sound superb. I can\'t get my GOS to sound like this. Which ensemble strings did you use, -anything from the updates I\'m awaiting?. Who needs SI if GOS can sound like this.

    Would you be willing to share any tweaks? Did you EQ/ filter at sample level to get this timbre, or only the recording. If so where and how much?


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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    Very very fine, Dave!
    But which preset of Miroslav solo violin do you use?

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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    Hello Dave,
    may I ask you which sequencer have you used for the demo?

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    Re: My first demo using the GOS strings.

    I use Logic right now but I don\'t find much difference in what can be done with either logic or vst. I will be looking into VST later when budget and time allow because I want to integrate everything into a single virtual studio environment (using multiple machines even) and due to the impending lack of PC support from logic. Logic does rock though but so does VST.

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