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Topic: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

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    Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Anyone out there have both of these gigs? I have Gigapiano and would like to find a better Yamaha sample. The Bolder C7 is 1/10 the size of Gigapiano, but I was curious if anyone favored it over Gigapiano. I do a lot of pedal-down playing, so I\'d be interested in knowing if the Bolder has actual pedal-down samples. Also, are there other Yamaha piano samples on the market worth checking into?

    Thanks very much for any info!!

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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Hey Van, I know nothing of the Bolder C7 other than what I\'ve heard at website, which didn\'t convince me that it was better or even in the same league as Gigapiano. I too yearn for a stellar Yamaha grand sample and have implored many of the sample makers to venture that way.I have played the Gigapiano so much that I have adapted my playing to keep within its parameters of playability. This is not really a good thing, especially when I hop onto a real C7 in the studio & need hours to aclimate. One sound you may want to ckeck out is the Piano 1 by vrsound. It is a C7 but the demo at the site (www.vrsound.com) leaves much to be desired. It is 1.5 gigs in size & states to have pedal down & release samples. I posted a request for info from any users of this sample on this forum & only got a reply from the maker of the sound. He\'s askin $300 bucks for it & recently emailed me saying that his price will go up soon! I have searched the net extensively for reviews on it as well, with zero finds. You may want to wait until the Fall when Bardstown releases their Baldwin sample which I expect to be \"in the vein\" of Yamaha users\' tastes. Their Bos sample is the talk of the forums, but doesn\'t suit my taste for tone. Patience may prevail in this search, as the samples are always improving & someone eventually will bring us the sample we desire!

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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Thanks very much for the info. I know what you mean about demos of samples. You can listen to demos all day, but you can\'t really tell for sure if a sample is good until you *play* it. Then you can tell in about 30 seconds!! I\'ll have to checkout that vrsound sample. I was not aware of the Baldwin in work. I wish there were some way I could sit down and play the vrsound piano and gigapiano back to back. I\'d gladly pay $300 if I were certain I liked it better and gigapiano.

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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    I have the Bolder C7 from the Best of Bolder set. I love the guitar-pick-playing the piano, but the basic piano is just not in the same league as the Gigapiano, IMHO (sorry, Dennis!) There is much to like in the entire set, but the C7 is not one of the outstanding files.


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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Thanks, Dasher! That\'s pretty much what I was expecting.

    Anyone know what the planned release date is for the Bardstown Baldwin? That just may be the ticket!


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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    I could not disagree more.

    The Best of Boulder C7 is way better than the gigapiano.
    Sounds like a better recording of a better Yamaha instrument.

    It is not quite the \"studio grand\" sound I would love to have but for anything more contemporary sounding, its the best so far.
    And I have almost every piano set made.

    Somebody please make the definative Yamaha Studio Grand Piano set!!??

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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Somebody please make the definative Yamaha Studio

    Yes I am also looking for the Yamaha Studio Grand.

    The demand is definately there. Any sound developers, that can give us that great Yamaha Studio Grand? I know KIP is doing the Baldwin, which is very exciting, but a nice Studio \"Yamaha Grand\" is much wanted.


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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Ed - I should have added, \"in my opinion\" to my post. I\'m glad there are some folks who appreciate the Bolder C7. I think Dennis has done some extraordinary work with some of the gigs, especially the granular and bell-type files, and I would not want my comments to cost him a sale. I am using the \'picked\' piano in a current piece and love it.


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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano

    Thanks for the additional inputs! That Best of Bolder looks like a good value for $160. Dennis also has the Yamaha C7 for GSt for sale individually for $65. It looks like there are two velocity layers in this sample, but are these pedal up only? Anyone know if there are separate pedal down samples in this gig?

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Bolder Yamaha C7 vs Gigapiano


    As sacreligeous as this may sound....

    I really like the single layer forte the best.
    Let the filters soften up the lower velocities.

    For R&B, Gospel, funky jazz etc this piano really sounds great in the mix.

    Single layer or 4 layers. Anything in between has issues IMO.
    We will have to wait until the definative Yamaha studio grand set is made to have all of the release triggers, layers etc etc.
    I may have to do this myself if no one else makes it in the next few months.

    The whole best of boulder set has to be my favorite purchase this year. Not a lot of money and a good piano plus a ton of cool stuff too.

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