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Topic: New sample demos

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    New sample demos

    I was in the mood to play with samples last week, so I mixed a couple of midi files that I found on the web. The first is sequenced by D.W. Barnes, and it is Linus and Lucy. I used Kip\'s Bosendorfer piano, and it sounds fabulous. Check especially the fade at the end. That was a completely natural fade out and you can hear the harmonics in the piano. The rest of the sounds in the piece are from the free Fluid soundfont using Livesynth pro. All the work (in all the songs) was done in Sonar 2. It\'s about 4 megs, and can be downloaded at


    The second one is a big band song, \"In the Mood\" by Glenn Miller, sequenced by GaryW001 (www.garyw001.com). It uses the Dan Dean Solo Brass Trombone, the Bardstown Bosendorfer Piano, and the rest of the instruments are all from the free soundfonts, Fluid and Reality. Download it at http://www.cdsol.com/cdsol/downloads/InTheMood.mp3
    It\'s about 7 megs.

    Finally, one of my own compositions, done with no samples at all [smile]. It\'s called Luna, and uses recorded Native American Flute, violin (yes, I brought in a violin player) and my Ensoniq SQ2 keyboard. Also, some Acid percussion loops.
    It is about 8 megs.

    Let me know what you think.

    -- Martin

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    Re: New sample demos

    Kip pointed out to me that my link for Linus & Lucy did not work, so I just fixed it. Please SOMEBODY comment on these pieces [grin].

    -- Martin

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    Re: New sample demos

    Hi Martin,

    Sounds great!

    Thank you for posting the demo!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: New sample demos

    The second one is a big band song, \"In the Mood\" by Glenn Miller, sequenced by GaryW001 (www.garyw001.com).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I haven\'t heard that handle since the early period of AOL!!! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] I still have about 5 Megs of his big band MIDI sequences.I\'ve GOT to check that out...

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    Re: New sample demos


    Gary definitely does the best big band sequences I\'ve heard. I\'ve got quite a few of them, but 5 MEGS!! That\'s a LOT of midi.

    -- Martin

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    Re: New sample demos

    Gary used to post on AOL, and I just downloaded anything/everything with his name on it. Several of the files were released more than once as he updated his rhythm tracks (later files had far superior drumming.)

    What I always missed is the dynamics of the horns, but now that most systems support CC11 (including, of course, Giga) there is a rational way to adjust balances AND control dynamics. I\'ll have to dig those files back ouot of my archives...


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