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Topic: QL Rare Instruments

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    QL Rare Instruments

    I just got it today, after hearing about it for months.


    Nick, I know it\'s been said before but I just wanted to let you know how great this library is. I lost track of time just blasting away at the bagpipes.

    Thanks for putting in the effort to make this thing so much fun (as well as useful). I\'m looking forward to volume 2.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    a thank ya a very much!

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    It\'s beautifull, especially the duduk sus.
    Also the tabla is nice.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    NO PAN FLUTE!!! Ahh!! Thomas took care of that for me, but I got QLRI, and it\'s freakin awesome. Nice Nick!

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    There will be alot more winds in Rare 2 as well as a few plucked instruments and another middle eastern bowed instrument. I am also considering some ensembles. Pricey, but would be very cool.
    I think I should probably do a Sitar also.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    You march right back in there and make your rythem beds first young man!


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