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Topic: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

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    Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    I couldn't get it out of my mind, I considered it a sacred duty to recreate that composition....

    There was no recording of the overture of "La Rosière Républicaine", anyway nothing in the entire internet. Maybe some old vinyl disc, but I couldn't find any recording at all. I traced an orchestral score from 1867 (more than 50 years after Grétry's death), which means that it was probably performed at that time... Furthermore, there is the original manuscript (with very few annotations and music text, everything limited to the extreme minimum), but that was enough to reconstruct the score. I took the liberty to change some passages according to the 'consonance', the modern ear let's say. Some sections were really overloaded with double parts and a little heavy for our ears.
    But in general, I completed the score with the utmost respect for the original one.

    It's not great music but an example of simple and decent craftsmanship of the end of the 18th century. A quickly written compilation of opera fragments in an orchestral version.

    Here it is (under the Ballet Suite); enjoy the listen.

    Overture to "La Rosière Républicaine"


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    Re: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    Hello Max, an other nice gift from you. I agree that it is not great music, but your art makes it possible to imagine ourselves in those times.



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    Re: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    It may not be "great" music in our ears now. Don't forget that in those days we weren't blessed with Adèle, Rolling Stones, Metallica and Afro-Jack...... This was just for fun. Diner parties, socializing, drinking, card playing, everything happened during those concerts. As time gone by, the whole scene changed to pure listening concerts, where the audience sat down, held their tongues..... being polite.

    Max, this is a great performance. You did it again.


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    Re: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    Thanks, Ted and Raymond.

    Great music or not, it's a nice listen and as you say, dear Raymond, the 18th century audience was in many ways totally different from the present day public. There was no such thing as a 'concert hall', it was a meeting place for the 'society', drinking, babbling, eating... And there was some 'background music', often called opera or divertimenti... Therefore, lots of noise was required (hence all these doublings?). Here and there, Grétry's genius appears in the unexpected harmony and delicate progressions. Let's not forget that this was an opera buffa, with an often bombastic, overacted, ridiculous text. Grétry understood the lack of seriousness, because he hardly wrote anything else than these funny operas (except for some serious violin and flute work).

    Thanks for listening and commenting,


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    Re: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    ... some titles of his cello works, please. Maybe I can find the scores and do something with them.


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    Re: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62 View Post
    ... some titles of his cello works, please. Maybe I can find the scores and do something with them.

    Small correction: the cello work is mainly transcriptions for reduced ensembles (violin, bass or cello, flute, harp, pianoforte...) The only piece for cello that I could find is a cello duet.


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    Re: Ouverture (La Rosière Républicaine) - A.M. Grétry

    Max, I have to say that your music is truly some of the best classical based pieces made with virtual instruments that I have heard. You do a really great job in putting these together, and I mean the whole bunch. Classical music with all the different types of approaches is really difficult to preform in a virtual based instrument setting (I know I would never be able to do this). Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to hearing some more of your music.



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