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Topic: White Grand turns Blue......

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    White Grand turns Blue......

    Here\'s two g-r-e-a-t performances from Sue Keller using the White Grand .
    Sue says: \"This piano was born to boogie\", well Sue, so where you!!!
    Yo Mama
    Yellow Dog Blues

    Visit Ragtime Press for more from Sue Keller!

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    Re: White Grand turns Blue......

    Thought I might add that we road tested the White Grand on a Boogie piece mainly to see how the right hand solo might come off. Uncorked it. And the overall sparkle seemed to rub off in the mix and light up the vocal too.

    But the real surprise was the left hand. Which is where the real action\'s at for Sue. The mix I gave Worra uses no eq but seems to deliver it\'s own special brand of focused low end thunder. I noticed that a dash around 250 could fill it out nicely. Any more and you could rattle the rafters.

    The only thing I\'m trying to figure out how to tame a little ringing on a string or two below middle C.


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    Re: White Grand turns Blue......

    Sweet demos !

    Worra.. Some of us are eagerly awaiting the White Grand to turn \"black and blue\" [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Thanks, Fozzy

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