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Topic: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

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    Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    My apologies. There were some problems with the demo. I will rework it and have it back up soon! If you have already downloaded it, please disregard and delete the samples. I\'ll have it back up with all 24 bit resolution soon. Again my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    The new demo is now completed and ready to download. Please see the post further down this thread!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    Edit....edit.... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    Everything downloaded last night without a hitch and installed smoothly. i only fired it up briefly and will have a more of a chance to kick the tires tonight. I thank you (and Worra) for providing demos for customers to review. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    Fozzy. The demo you downloaded has problems. I am currently uploading an updated one. Please delete the files you have! Sorry for the inconvenience. The demo you have got corrupted and is not a true representation of the piano sounds. I\'ll let you know when the new demo is finished uploading. Thanks for understanding!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    Bummer. I\'ll delete them off and wait for the new demo sample. Looking forward to it !

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    The updated demo is now completed. You may download the files from the links below. It\'s a total of 153MB to download compressed using WinRAR. The demo includes the full middle two octaves, all C\'s and the low A.

    Also important to note is that I cut all the main note samples off at 8 seconds . Otherwise the file size is just too large with unlooped notes. So, you won\'t be getting the full decays, but hey...it\'s a demo!

    The files are divided into 48MB each except for the last which is 14MB. After downloading all files to the same folder, uncompress them and make sure you have 331 MB of free hard drive space available!

    The Hall Acoustics are included as well as the Pedal Releases. I have left out the damper pedal noise and the hall noise samples. Here are the links:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    I hope you enjoy the new demo!!!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!


    i will try it !



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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!


    I\'ve downloaded the demo. I love the samples and it sound like a real Steinway D.

    ( i wait the Volume 2 : Close Mic position)

    The playing/programming :

    it can be much better because each samples and releases samples of your Piano are very very good. (Sound warm and good Steinway D)

    You can make a more sensitive action/playing. And
    adjust the attack and release more realistic.

    I\'ve some ideas for enhanced programming like i did before for The Steinway B

    The Sound :


    Thanks for this demo !



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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    Hi Olivier! Thanks for your feedback. As you very well know, piano sample programming is really tough to get right for all the different midi keyboards available. As time goes by, new patches will become available with different settings for various touches and playing styles. This is only possible when people like yourself have suggestions, which I appreciate!

    I\'m glad you like the demo. Are you sure you want to wait for Volume 2? You can purchase Volume 1 and then when Volume 2 is out there will only be a small upgrade charge! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Let me know what enhancements you are thinking of. You can send me an email if you wish. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Demo for Kontakt!!!

    Hi Xavier! Thanks for your feedback. I listened to your PMI Steinway D demos and it\'s quite convincing I think. I think a lot of users would benefit from this approach of reducing the polyphony. If you would like to create a patch and send it to me for evealuation I\'d very much appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the demo.

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